Update To My Main Website CK’s Anime & PSP Games

If you have been following my main site, you may have notice the lack of updates last week.  Although you could go to the site without problems last week, I had a lot of problems trying to upload my files.  The web hosting site doesn’t have a proper cpanel tool for file managing.  You need a FTP program for it.  I been using my main web designing tool’s FTP & it doesn’t work.  Used another FTP program that the web hosting site recommended, & it doesn’t work as well.  Checked the FTP info & they are correct.  But yet, I still can’t connect being the server offline or something.

Aside from that problem which seems to happen frequently now & the hosting site being offline overall, I decided to go another web hosting site.  Although I keep saying that I will rework the site, I will be actually removing some parts very soon.  I will remove the Downloads section for a couple of reasons.

One is that most of programs there are too old as newer Windows programs will probably not run them & if they do, they probably won’t run well.  Second is the hosting site will probably treat them as warez which they aren’t since most companies probably have treated them as abandoned programs.  Also, the wallpapers there are too small in size now.  With bigger screens & higher resolution pixels, those wallpapers ain’t worth having as wallpapers now.

The new site URL is here.  You will see a September 29, 2014 update which didn’t appear until today.  Didn’t want to change it since I didn’t feel like it really.  Today’s update will be there too.  But the site will have problems for now due to incorrect URL links.  Trying to get all that corrected.  It will take some time for it to update.  So if something is broken, don’t worry for now.

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What’s Your Favourite Blog Posts On This Site?

I’ve been doing a lot of things on this blog site even though it’s not very informative or detailed as my main site.  But that doesn’t mean to stop visiting there.  If you are into anime or PSP gaming, please continue to help that site. *endcheapadinsert*

Although I look at the stats for this blog from time to time, I have been wondering what people like here.  I have done a lot of different categories.  Some of them are big & active while some are small or barely used at all.

So I made a poll for the fun of it & see what people like.  I thought I got most of the popular categories down.  If you want, tell me what you like about that category in the comment section as well.  It could help me a lot.

I thank all you readers out there for your views & hope I can do more on this site & my main depending on my time!

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Online Dating Site: Plenty Of Fish Experience Part 7

It has been a little over a couple of months now since the last update.  Nothing of much happened until recently.

My interactions with girl D & E has stopped.  For both cases, I was the last person that sent a message.  I do not know if the girls simply stopped using POF or lost interest in me.  In any case, I have not seen them online for a long time based on my searches.  For girl D, I still see that she is somewhat active on OkCupid as her compatibility score is changing at times.  Due to a long time of no interaction with D & E, it is safe to say that they can be considered as dropped.

From that point, there would be no action from me in terms of finding someone.  The selection of girls continues to be low as the users I see continues to be the same.  There have been new users coming up, but they do not meet my personal requirements or their’s.

It would be many weeks later that I would get something happening again.  I get a message from a new girl.  Doing some searching, this girl (who I will call girl F for this purpose) did look at my profile so the chances of being a scammer is low.  In her message, she says hi & asks how my day is going.  In the end of it, she tells me that she wants to know more about me.  During my research, there were things that I had some personal concerns about.

Girl F’s profile says she is a thin Caucasian who is taller than me & on the other side of the country.  There is a lot of things that do not meet my personal requirements.  Although my preference is a female that is Asian, I am open to other ethnicity.  The height is a bit of a problem for me since I am looking for a female that is around the same height as me or shorter.  I am a bit sensitive of my height even though it is not really a major thing overall.  But the distance is problematic.  She is in Ontario.  I am in British Columbia.  That is a huge distance.  My preference is someone local or a city or 2 down from me.  Looking at her profile, I recall seeing something similar before.  It kind of hit me based on her pictures & description.  If you go to my part 5 of POF, you will see why near the end of that post.

As usual, I did not immediately respond to girl F.  I waited it out for a couple of days just to be sure it is not a scam.  The message stayed & I finally decided to reply back.  I replied saying that I am doing fine & asked about her.  From there, I told her how I am a bit surprised that she would contact me from the other side of Canada.  She would reply back asking if it is a long distance love is a problem.

Personally, I do not think long distance relationships are a problem.  For me, I have some personal knowledge that it does not turn out well.  It is not from my personal experience, but stories from my friends.  They did not have much success from it.  I have heard & read some success stories on long distance relationships, but it is a bit hard for me to relate to due to my friends’ experiences.  My reply to girl F about it is saying that I do not have problems with it & I do know people that have long distance relationships.  However, I did not tell her how they ended up.  I added that I would figure that most people on pof will be looking for someone within their province.

Girl F continues by telling me that she doesn’t want a forever texting relationship & feels that it gives time & distance to learn one another better.  From there if things work out, meeting each other would be the next step.  She has a strong belief for long term relationships working out.

Communicating with F is a bit difficult at times.  Questions asked to her are not answered sometimes.  Sometimes they are answered, answered in a later message, or not at all.  But I did managed to get some descent info from her.  One of it is her real name (which I gave in return as she asked me).  She has her own business in wholesale & has an traditional approach for love.  The type of man she is looking for is basically a strong man with a good focus on what he wants now & future.  To sum it up, F is actually from New York; not Toronto as her profile says.  Apparently, she was in Toronto for a visit.

Learning F’s real name & her business, I did some research on her.  She even tells me to check out her business.  Without letting her know, I did look it up.  The business listing is there, but very basic.  Her having a master degree in business, there is no actual e-commerce approach on the site.  Just information on where the business is & the contact.  I did manage to come across her Facebook & Twitter accounts as well.  Her Twitter is basically about 5% business or about her & 95% retweets.  Facebook has nothing but her company.  Although the information on everything I found lines up, I was still a little bit on alert.

To keep things going, I did answer her questions honestly.  The type of girl I am looking for, my background, where I am from, & my work.  I did not go beyond what she asked for. Just a bit brief enough to keep things going.

To further the situation, F asks if I have Google Hangout as she was heading back to New York & texting is expensive for her.  She tells me that we can chat on it every time & it has video chat features.  I was puzzled on the texting part & told her about it in a question.  But I told her that I don’t have Google Hangout & suggest maybe using email due to time difference & our schedules.  However, F shot it down & continued her push for me to get Hangout while saying we can work out the time difference.  She will give me her email address to add her once I have it.  I delayed my messaging to her for a few days due to work & personal life getting in my way.

That is pretty much where I stopped at this point.  Later on, I would discover that I do have Hangout on my phone.  I probably downloaded it without knowing or it came with my phone since it is an Android based phone.  I will have her add me or me add her in the future.  Although I have been told that it is similar to Skype, I do not know how the app works.  If it works only in real time conversation, it may not work out for me.  If it works like a messaging system like Whatsapp, it would be best for me as I can take my time with it when I have time available.

I will continue to share my updates on the situation as things are picking up again.  When I have enough information, I will make another post.

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October 25, 2018’s Haul Should Not Be Confused With The Psycho Anime Movie (DJ Okawari Perfect Blue)

With the Canada Post strike going on, I was lucky enough to get this preorder from CDJapan.

It’s DJ Okawari’s Perfect Blue.  This is considered a limited release album.  It’s not really an album to me.  Mainly a mini album since there is only 7 tracks.  He is now with a new record company, so I don’t know if this is really a limited release.  His previous one with Emily Styler was limited, but the one before that was not limited.  But his CDs can be hard to get sometimes.

If the Canada Post strike doesn’t affect much, I should get some more stuff coming next month.

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The Soul Of History Will Be Written For October 19 2018’s Haul (Soul Calibur VI)

Just got this from the door as I write this.  Came really late at night.  Pretty much a time where most people will be out for a night in the town.  Unless you are some gamer, this would not be a problem.

From Purolator & preordered from Amazon.ca, this is Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur VI for the PS4.  I would have really wanted out on it on a sale, but Amazon had a sale for it during the E3 time period.  From $79.99 to $50.  So might as well get it at that good price; especially on release date.  I do not plan to play it right away since I have not started on Soul Calibur V, but at least I have the game in my collection.  I might open the package soon since there is something rattling loose inside.  I assume it is the game disc since instruction booklets are pretty much non-existent  at this point.  There might be a DLC code inside since there was a preorder bonus for it.  Not labelled on the package, but it might be inside.

Anyways, too tired to open it now since it’s late & I got work the next day.  I think there might be 1 more haul coming if it makes it in time.  Or else a bunch of stuff is coming next month.

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Online Dating Site: JapanCupid Experience Part 5 (Special Add-On)

Like a broken record, JapanCupid is one of the site that is rarely used for this experiment.  I will be reporting if there is a change or progress happening.  Fortunately, there is slight progress.

I had someone take “interest” in me.  I kind of ignored it a bit since I get them a lot & they do not go anywhere due to the restrictions placed by JapanCupid.  But I do look to see who it is.  Many cases they tend to disappear due to scammers.  But I do have a few lately that do not disappear.  They tend to be genuine since they stick around.  But they are usually outside my range.  Age, location, & sometimes language.  In one case, I got one person from the interested list message me a week later.

This person is much older than me by roughly nine years & lives in Brazil.  From her picture, she seems to be a native Brazilian.  Also in her profile, she does not write in English.  Mainly Brazilian from the looks of it.  The message has a topic heading in English saying “I like your profile” & the content in the message preview is not in English.  Brazilian I think it is.  I know that topic heading is a template default that JapanCupid offers, so there is a high chance that she did not write it.  The site does offer a translation function, but it is no good to me since I cannot read the message.

Seeing this, it makes me wonder if that person actually read my profile.  Although I did not mention whether I speak Brazilian or not, I did specify that my language is English.  Also in my profile, I mention how I cannot read messages & did list my contacts on OkCupid & Plenty of Fish.  Before writing this post, I checked to see if the contacts are still there & it is.  Nevertheless, this person is real.  Why she took interest in me is unknown.

Days later, I got another person that took interest in me & sent me a message.  This person is also from Brazil & slightly older than me.  The profile is also in Brazilian.  The person messaged me in English though.  However, she is looking for a guy living in Japan.  So, I do not know why she would be interest in me.

Days later, I get someone from Japan doing the same thing.  Show interest & messaging.  A bit younger & types in English.  Looking for a friend is her purpose.  The profile picture does not too appealling to me.  It looks like one of those before & after beauty pictures that you would see on those Youtube videos labelling female K-Pop or J-Pop artists.  The before picture that is.

Based on the three messages, I get the feeling that these might be scammers.  Possibly good disguised scammers.  However, they may be genuine people just outside their requirements.  But upon thinking it over, I realized none of them have seen my profile since I did not receive any notifications that they did view it.  Unless there is a way to hide your tracks, I strongly do believe these are either scammers or people just randomly trying to find someone to talk to.

Because of the possibility of real people trying to contact me & JapanCupid not allowing free users to view messages, I am trying to figure out other ways to communicate with others without paying.  Again, I already have my contacts on the 2 other sites & my account is still safe.  I am thinking of trying to use the messaging system to my advantage, but I do not know if my idea will work as it will involve sending tons of messages to the same person at short time periods.  In other words, spamming.

JapanCupid will continue to be placed on the side & will be reported on if there are changes & findings discovered.  Again, I have little to no expectations on getting something here at the very most love.

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September 24, 2018’s Haul Was Something That I Did Not Think It Was Actually Possible (YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Triple White)

Kayne West once said that anyone wants Yeezys will can a pair of Yeezys.  That was many moons ago.  This month, it seems to be the start of a reality.  Adidas & Kayne mentioned before launch that the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple White will have the largest drop.  So, I decided to try it out by going to the Adidas’ website & see if that is the case.  Didn’t think it was possible.

So, I got me a pair of Yeezys.  I got me a half size up since it was suggested on the Adidas’ site.  Don’t think it’s real?  Here’s another shot:

I had the chance to get an early access on them, but I missed out cause of work.  I managed to snatch a pair at the launch time.  It took about 20 minutes to sell out.  From the looks of it, it seems that there were a lot of pairs available.  In fact, you can still get some at Yeezysupply at certain sizes.  Not the small or large sizes though.

In all honestly, this is the first time I have seen a Yeezy box.  As for the shoe, I seen people wearing them on the streets.  But I don’t know if those are real or not on their feet.  The shoe is easy to copy design/appearance wise.  Although I seen them on the feet on the cool & rich kids, they could be fake in the end.  But I know for sure that the ones I have are real since it came from the official Adidas site.

Personally, I am not really into Yeezys.  I find the Boost 350 series to be a bit bleh.  But I heard that they are comfortable shoes though.  Of all the colourways available, I find the triple white to my liking.  Although it does not have the logos on the side & are plain, it looks cleaner. This is my first pair of Yeezys.  I have yet to try them on.  But closer inspection & touching them, they seem to be comfortable to wear.  Personally, I have yet to wear any shoes that is mainly some sort of cloth/fabric on the upper body.

Because of the large drop (heard it was a 1 million pairs released), the resell value on these shoes is very low.  This colourway has been released a year ago as well.  So this re-release is a keeper, not a reseller.  It might resell well in Canada since it’s pretty much all gone.  In the US & outside, it seems to be still easy to get.  That or the Yeezy trend is starting to die down.  Kind of like the Jordan retros.  A bunch of models are easy to get as they are awaiting to get sent to the outlet.  But there are still some models that are still hard to get & sell high.  Maybe Yeezys are now heading down that direction.

Kayne’s decision to release a lot may be a mistake.  Although I’m not a fan of the guy, he is quite creative, smart, & has some sort of influence that affects many whether you like him or not.  This may be a cleaver business decision on his part that I cannot see or he is trying to be a nice guy in having everyone getting a chance to own a pair of Yeezys & not care too much about low sales.

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Atlus Gives Pre-Order Bonus DLC Characters For Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight & Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight

Not too long ago, Atlus USA decides to sweeten things up to get sales for Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight & Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight going.  Sales in Japan were bad for the game.  So Atlus USA decides to give Goro Akechi & Shinjiro Aragaki as free DLC preorder bonuses.

I don’t remember if these 2 characters were paid DLC characters or not in Japan, but it is kind of big deal here if they will be paid DLC characters.  A small price to pay to get some sales numbers going.

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Catherine Full Body Releasing In Japan February 24, 2019

A few days ago, Atlus Japan released the second trailer for the PS4 & PSV game Catherine Full Body.  You can see the trailer below:

The trailer shows a lot of content for the game.  So much that the game looks more than a remake.  It’s almost a redo or reset.  Aside from some possible storyline changes from the original game based on the cutscenes I saw, the third girl Rin has a name change.  Her name is now Qatherine.  It’s a weird name that I never came across before.  But I assume it sounds like “Catherine” in the Japanese language.  Basically to keep the Catherine decision theme.

At the end of the trailer, Atlus shows us the release date of February 14, 2019.  Fits the theme well.  Also, the limited edition package for the game is shown.  It comes with a special art cover, 4 CD soundtrack, artbook, & DLC.  The 4 CD OST shows me that the game has a huge budget going to it since the original had 1 CD with 11 tracks if I remember correctly.  For the DLC, I think it is the 11 different voice packs for Catherine.  The 11 voice pack for Catherine is interesting as it has 11 different voice actresses doing their version of Catherine.  From my understanding, it gives the player a choice of which version of Catherine they want.  As of this post, Atlus released 3 samples of the voices & the name of the voice actress performing them on their YouTube channel.

Another DLC to come is Persona 5.  Players get to play as Joker for the Babel & Colosseum modes with the cast of the Phantom Thieves doing commentary during the matches.  It seems to be it’s own small thing based on a screenshot shown.  Not sure if it is also included in the LE.

The LE is available for PS4 & PSV.  There is no difference between the two.  Although Catherine Full Body is coming to North America with no release date announced, I already preordered the PS4 LE version.  I was thinking about the PSV initially since we will not get a physical version of it here, but decided PS4 due to me getting the PS3 version of the original Catherine back in the day.  Plus, it’s probably easier to play & enjoy it on a bigger screen.  But I will still double dip & get the North American version when it comes out here.

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