What’s Your Favourite Blog Posts On This Site?

I’ve been doing a lot of things on this blog site even though it’s not very informative or detailed as my main site.  But that doesn’t mean to stop visiting there.  If you are into anime or PSP gaming, please continue to help that site. *endcheapadinsert*

Although I look at the stats for this blog from time to time, I have been wondering what people like here.  I have done a lot of different categories.  Some of them are big & active while some are small or barely used at all.

So I made a poll for the fun of it & see what people like.  I thought I got most of the popular categories down.  If you want, tell me what you like about that category in the comment section as well.  It could help me a lot.

I thank all you readers out there for your views & hope I can do more on this site & my main depending on my time!

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Catherine Full Body Demo Out On Japanese Playstation Store

Last week, Atlus released a demo of Catherine Full Body for PS4 & PS Vita in the Japanese Playstation Store.  I have download the game on my PS4 Pro.  Don’t know if I will get the PSV version since switching accounts on that thing is a pain.

I played the game & it is pretty similar to the demo for the original Catherine.  Similar in terms of where you start & play which is the beginning of the game.  In comparison to the original game, there is a lot of differences & added stuff.  But you will know your way around it if you remember what to do. However, the demo limits you to play the easiest mode which is called Safety.  Not sure how difficult the game will be since the original Japanese release was way too difficult in Normal mode for Japanese players at the time.

When I played the original, my Japanese was a bit better & I was able to understand a lot of things well.  With my Japanese gone rusty now, I was barely able to follow (or not at all) the story being presented.  With the game having a lot of new stuff & going more into depth in its story, I may not be able to play the game in Japanese when it releases next month as the story seems more complex than before.  Aside from the puzzles, the story is what makes it interesting also.

If you have a Japanese PSN account & want to try out the game, give this demo a go.  But at the end of the demo, it has a lot of things shown about the game that may spoil you.  Unless you know Japanese, it may not spoil you much.  Now I am a bit concern if that LE I preordered will be something that I can open & play with right away.

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Catherine Classic Now On PC

I’m a bit late on this, but Sega has released Catherine Classic on the PC last week.  This was hinted for awhile with sheep, but it’s finally here.

The game is available on Steam at the price of $24.99 Canadian.  Basically a bargain bin price since you can get the game at the same or cheaper price for the PC3 & XBox versions now.  By the way, you can play the Xbox version on the XBox One.

With Full Body coming out in Japan next month & the demo for that game released last week, it kind of makes sense to call the original Catherine game as Catherine Classic.  Interesting enough, the game is being published by Sega, not Atlus.  I guess Atlus doesn’t want to jump into the PC side yet or Sega just decided to release the game on their own.  I remember when Sega acquired Atlus that they will let Atlus do whatever they want.  I guess Atlus was okay to have the game released on PC.

If you remember from way back, Atlus did had plans to get this game on PC though.  They didn’t mention it in public, but people that were digging around the game files saw keyboard & mouse options as well as another menu screen.  Obviously, the idea was scrapped along the way during production.  Catherine was basically a side/test project for P-Studio at the time as the assists & tools used here would later be used in Persona 5.

The PC version has 4K resolution, keyboard & mouse controls, unlocked framerates, Japanese voiceovers, online versus, & co-op mode.  I don’t remember co-op mode being in the original, but it has been awhile.  It’s great that the game has Japanese voices as I did enjoy the game in Japanese.  I’ve actually yet to play the English version & the game is still sealed in its case.  Plan to play the game in English before Full Body Japanese version gets released.

Anyways, I don’t plan to buy the PC version since I am using a Mac.  If it was on the Mac, I would buy it & support it.  But I still have my PS3 version to play with.  Also, I did read that the PC port has audio problems & some crashing issues.  Nevertheless, it’s great the Catherine is available on another system & the name will become another big Atlus series.

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January 10, 2019 Starts The First Haul Of The Year (NieR Orchestral Arrangement Special Box Edition)

Although I haven’t played any of the games yet, I have seen let’s plays & heard the music.  I may be spoiled now about the story, but once I finally play the games, I will most likely forget some parts of it.  So what came in exactly?

It is the NieR Orchestral Arrangement Special Box Edition.  I got this from CDJapan.  This is a 3 CD pack that mainly is a bundle of previous released CDs.  It has NieR Gestalt & Replicant Orchestral Arrangement Album, NieR: Automata Orchestral Arrangement Album, & NieR Orchestral Arrangement Special Disc.  The latter is exclusive to this package.  The box is a bit plain, but somewhat elegant in a way.

Upcoming hauls will mainly be media stuff.  Games & music mainly.  I haven’t seen much that would be get interested so far, but hard to tell since we are at the start of the year right now.

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Online Dating Site: Plenty Of Fish Experience Part 8

This post will talk about my continuing experiences with girl F.  The experience does not continue in POF.  It goes outside the site.  Before I get into it, I should mention that there had been no other interaction with any other girls in POF during that time.  Expect for 1 small one.

Girl F continues to push me to get on Google Hangouts.  I did not tell her that I have the app, but I decided to hold out a bit.  It would be days later that I would tell her that I got the app & gave my email address to add.  She would later send an invite within a day & I accepted.  She later tries to get me on Hangouts within a day later.  She messages me on pof & sends me an email saying that she is on Hangout right now.  Due to time zone differences & timing, I email her saying I missed out.

It would continue for a bit until I manage to find the time to chat with F on Hangouts.  It would occur during nights where it would be close to midnight for her.  Most of the conversations would be getting to know each other a bit.  Plus, continuations from our POF messages.  Mainly her approach on love & her business.  From my end, how I am having problems finding a girl.

From my conversations with F, I continue to learn some inconsistent information.  In one conversation, she tells me that she is currently at church.  In her POF profile, she says that she does not have any religious backgrounds. I also continue to find her messages to be a bit difficult to understand at times.  Being someone that is born in American & gone to university, I would expect better writing.  I do not know if she is using internet slang, just plain sloppy, or spent most of her time in a foreign country where English is not a primary language.  I never questioned or challenged any of these things to her.

Girl F pushes a lot for video chat, but I keep declining it.  Again, timing.  At night, I do not look my best.  But F tells me that she does not care about appearances, but heart.  Basically, beauty within.  She remains to have a traditional approach on love.  However, it would be very difficult to do video chats because of time zones.  A 3 hour time difference is not easy for the both of us.  Because she goes to work early (I assume since her store opens at 8am), I cannot do it late since it would be past midnight for her & I cannot do it earlier as it would be dinner time for me.

Speaking of timing, I would get Hangout messages from her early in the morning.  Good morning messages at around 4am.  I would not see the messages until later since I am still asleep.  By the time I reply back, it is already or close to afternoon for her.  On my days off, she would be at work.  On her days off, I would be at work.  F continues to heavily push on doing video chats.  So hard, that it would pretty much end our conversation.

The last time we talked was us trying to set up a video chat session later at night.  She ends it with okay & that was the end.  We have not talk to each other since then.  As of this post, it has been over a month & a half.

At this point, it is safe to say that girl F is now out.  My personal preferences may be the reason for the loss.  I am looking for someone in my area, shorter or about my height, & an Asian background.  The last part is not a “must”, but the first 2 is close to a must.  At least within my area is must.  An other reason is her strong desire to do video chats.  I do not understand why she is so into it when we barely know each other for a couple of weeks on long distance messaging.

I will continue posting updates when I get something new.  I may contact girl F in the future, but I most likely do not see that happening.  If we do it at a friends level, I may think about it.  Our conversation did not make much to develop a love relationship between us anyways.  I found her to be very aggressive & out of character from what she is from her profile.  It seemed like she was actually rushing to find love when she says she is not.

As a bonus here, I decided to contact a girl that I found from my searches on POF.  Looking at her profile, I had some interest in.  Instead of a somewhat lengthy first message, I decided to go short like the messages that I have been getting from girls.  A simple “Hi, how are you” message.  There was not much in the girl’s profile, so it had to be a short message anyways.  Up to now, I got no response back which is over a week.  It should be safe to say that this girl has no interest in me.

There have been no indication that this girl has looked at my profile as well unless she turned on invisible mode.  One mistake that I did do is sending the message while I was in invisible mode.  I forgot about it & should have turned it off.  If I did, this girl would get an indication that I am real & have seen her profile if she decided to look me up.  My chances in getting a reply back from her may have been higher.  But I do not see anyone messaging back to someone that is at least a week old unless that person has not logged in for a long time.  This was probably a lost opportunity from my error.

This is probably the last post for POF as I plan to end this experiment in the near future.

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Like 2009’s VMA, He Had To Get The Last Lick As 2018’s Last Haul On December 31, 2018 (Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static Non-Reflective)

If you remember back in 2009 during the MTV VMAs (that is if you were into music from that time period), Kanye West went up the stage during Taylor Swift’s award win & stole the mic from her.  From there, he stole the spotlight.

Today, his sneakers stole the spotlight in being my final haul of 2018.  Free express shipping from Adidas for just having an account with them is such a great thing.

This is the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static.  This is the non-reflective version. The shoelaces are supposed to have 3M reflection, but I couldn’t see it during my tests.  Probably need some recharging first or something.  Some people say that the shoes look like the creams/triple whites.  My first impression is that it isn’t that much as the grays are giving the shoe a different colour tone.

I did think about getting the reflective version which was a Yeezy Supply exclusive.  The shoe being limited was what drew my attention.  But after I did some pre-research on the shipping cost & duty situation, I bailed out.  Seeing the shipping cost is around US$35 for a pair of shoes/boots, that’s pretty high for us Canadians.  Plus factoring in possible duties, the reflective versions were just not worth the effort in getting for me.  If crazy Kanye goes about his promise in getting Yeezys for everyone that wants one, they will probably come back again in the future in large numbers like the semi frozen yellows.  I’m not flipping the shoe.  I’m wearing them.

As for the non-reflective versions, it did not sold out in a quick pace.  Some places still had it this past weekend.  Probably people are getting tired of Yeezys or they are overproduced.  Nevertheless, this actually helps people to get a chance to own a pair of Yeezys.  Even for people like me who isn’t too much of the hype, but to wear for comfort & style.  Although they are comfortable, I still think they are ugly.

This will be my last pair of Yeezys unless something drastic happens that catches my eye.  Owning the same shoe in 3 different colorways/styles is enough.

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Persona 5 R (P5R) Announced By Atlus Japan

Today, Atlus Japan announced for the New Year of 2019 a Persona 5 related video.  To sum up the short video, Joker says that there will be new projects & news will be revealed in March.

Rumours about Persona 5 Crimson may be related to this or the other P5 stuff that Atlus registered as domain names & not announced yet.  Or it could be nothing at all.  For now, there is a website for P5R up while the other discovered domain names are not live.  On the P5R site, there are no mentioning on what consoles that P5R is on.  In the video, you do see the Playstation logo appear.  It can be confirmed that it will be a Playstation game for sure.  Other consoles possibly having P5R is unknown at the moment.  So, it may not be a Playstation exclusive.

In my opinion, P5R could be anything.  It may not be a remake like how P3 was to P3 FES & P3P & P4 to P4G.  P5R could be something different since there are other P5 names popping up now.  Plus, I don’t know which team is doing this. P-Studio or Studio Zero.

Anyways, we will have to wait until March to see what it is.  I’m not too excite for it since it’s not a new Persona game like P6 or something.  This could be garbage where Atlus is just milking the series.  But I’m interested nevertheless.

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I Guess December 27, 2018 Is The Final Haul For The Year (Leo Ieiri TIME -6th Live Tour-)

Well, I did think I would get this this year.  But here it is.

My preorder from CDJapan for Leo Ieiri Time -6th Live Your- came in.  This is the Blu-Ray version.  As a limited release bonus, it came with a postcard with a message & signed by Leo herself.  Not directly signed since this is a mass produced copied item.

Anyways, I think this should be the final haul of 2018.  But I do have 1 item being shipped from Canada coming.  That is if it gets shipped before tomorrow afternoon.

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