Update To My Main Website CK’s Anime & PSP Games

If you have been following my main site, you may have notice the lack of updates last week.  Although you could go to the site without problems last week, I had a lot of problems trying to upload my files.  The web hosting site doesn’t have a proper cpanel tool for file managing.  You need a FTP program for it.  I been using my main web designing tool’s FTP & it doesn’t work.  Used another FTP program that the web hosting site recommended, & it doesn’t work as well.  Checked the FTP info & they are correct.  But yet, I still can’t connect being the server offline or something.

Aside from that problem which seems to happen frequently now & the hosting site being offline overall, I decided to go another web hosting site.  Although I keep saying that I will rework the site, I will be actually removing some parts very soon.  I will remove the Downloads section for a couple of reasons.

One is that most of programs there are too old as newer Windows programs will probably not run them & if they do, they probably won’t run well.  Second is the hosting site will probably treat them as warez which they aren’t since most companies probably have treated them as abandoned programs.  Also, the wallpapers there are too small in size now.  With bigger screens & higher resolution pixels, those wallpapers ain’t worth having as wallpapers now.

The new site URL is here.  You will see a September 29, 2014 update which didn’t appear until today.  Didn’t want to change it since I didn’t feel like it really.  Today’s update will be there too.  But the site will have problems for now due to incorrect URL links.  Trying to get all that corrected.  It will take some time for it to update.  So if something is broken, don’t worry for now.

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What’s Your Favourite Blog Posts On This Site?

I’ve been doing a lot of things on this blog site even though it’s not very informative or detailed as my main site.  But that doesn’t mean to stop visiting there.  If you are into anime or PSP gaming, please continue to help that site. *endcheapadinsert*

Although I look at the stats for this blog from time to time, I have been wondering what people like here.  I have done a lot of different categories.  Some of them are big & active while some are small or barely used at all.

So I made a poll for the fun of it & see what people like.  I thought I got most of the popular categories down.  If you want, tell me what you like about that category in the comment section as well.  It could help me a lot.

I thank all you readers out there for your views & hope I can do more on this site & my main depending on my time!

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February 7, 2018’s Haul Will Get Me Out Of Reality & Make Me Sick (Playstation VR Skyrim Bundle)

So I was shopping on Amazon.ca & I came across some chances to score me a Playstation VR bundle.  I missed out a couple of times as I tried to redeem some points to get some Amazon.ca gift cards.  Strangely, there are a lot of bundles going cheap from their warehouse deals.  A lot of cases were damages here & there.  Some of them have major to medium damage.  I manage to score one with no damage mentioned.  Just possible repackaging.  See how it is much cheaper to get this than the retail price of $600, I took the chance.  Here’s how it looks like.

Repackaged indeed.  The box suffers from medium to major damage from the top flip.  By the way, this is the Skyrim bundle.  I went for this since it has the Move controllers.  I have my old PS3 Move controllers, but I figured might as well get another set since this is an update version of it.  Might be better than what I have.  Plus, my old Move controllers haven’t been used for a long time.  So there may be some battery leakage of not holding its charge.  I’m not a Elder Scroll fan, but this bundle has the best deal.

Anyways, I don’t mind the damage on the box.  My concern is the VR headset being good condition or not.  Luckily, the box is indeed repackaged as nothing inside has been opened.  But I have some issues of blurriness using the headset.  It’s okay from a certain distance.  But when it gets too close to my eyes, things seem out of focus.  I read that this problem is common & can be fixed.  I just don’t remember how.

Anyways, I did do a test run to see if it would make me sick since I can’t deal with first person shooters.  Went from slow still things like static areas to less to medium dramatic things like moving around place at a normal to fast pace.  Strangely enough, I didn’t feel sick.  I did feel a bit hot at times.  Probably because things got too close to me at times.  But overall, I’m okay.

So this purchase wasn’t a bad one.  Although I didn’t spend too much real money on it, it was a safe purchase nevertheless.  I’m happy about it.  Cause selling it back out would be hard with that damaged box (even though nothing inside has been opened) & shipping it back for a refund would a hassle.

In the end, I’m keeping it.  So, I will be getting Summer Lesson! All 3 episodes of it!  =D

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January 25 2018’s Haul Was Something That I Missed Out Over A Year! (Clazziquai Project Vol. 7 Travellers)

I can’t believe how I missed out on this!  Over 1 year it slipped by me!  I was lucky enough to get it cause Korean CDs can be hard to get.  So what was it?

It’s Clazziquai Project.  This is Vol.7 Travellers.  It was released back in September 2016 I think.  I knew about it on December 2017 after wondering what the group was doing.  Apparently, I let it slip past me.  The trio have been busy with their own solo projects, so it didn’t occur to me to think about checking up on them.  I was lucky enough to get it from CDJapan after Yesasia stop selling it for some reason.  Yesasia tends to get Clazziquai Project CDs from their suppliers without problems, but this album was different for some reason.

Anyways, that should be all for this month.  I don’t think anything else is coming.

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January 18 2016’s Haul Is The Second Half Of My Christmas Stuff (Taeyeon winter is coming this Christmas Poster)

Well, the 2nd half of my Christmas haul came in late as expected.  When you want something with a Christmas theme released in December from Asia shipped to the other side of the world, expect it to come in January.

So my poster for Taeyeon winter is coming this Christmas from Yesasia arrived today.  I was expecting it a bit sooner or not come at all actually.  Not a bad poster really.  A bit dark for Christmas though.  I haven’t listen to the album yet, but I did hear 1 song from it & wasn’t dark.  More uplifting really.  Oh well, it still looks nice.

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January 26, 2016’s Haul Too A Long Time To Get Here (Perfume Clips 2)

I nearly forgot that this item since it was shipped out from Japan on late November.  I had to check to make sure that if I do have it in my hands & was about to email CDJapan about it this week until it finally arrived.  Why it took so long?  Cause Canada Customs was holding it?  Why I know that?  The box was sealed with “opened by customs” tape.  Worse part about it was that they opened it upside down & badly cut.  Luckily the cut wasn’t deep enough to cut the item.  So what is it?

It’s Perfume Clips 2.  This is the BD LE version.  The LE version comes with a 2nd disc which is mainly promo stuff.  This 2nd set of PVs covers from Spring of Life to If you wanna which is the latest single release at the time of this post.  Simple packaging as it is same as the 1st Perfume Clips.

I think that should be all of the haul for this month.  Most it of is coming late.

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January 10, 2018’s Haul Come Late & Yet On Time (Taeyeon winter is coming this Christmas & Master-piece Co. Goods)

So, this is somewhat unexpected.  But yet, it is expected to come late.  I preordered this item from Yesasia with no expectations of it arriving fast.  So what is it?

It’s Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Christmas/winter album winter is coming this Christmas.  This released in mid-December so it was nearly impossible to get this in time for Christmas without using express shipping.  I think.

The album is the same style as the previous Taeyeon album releases.  It comes in a hardcover book style case.  A little different this time is the image.  I don’t know what it is called, but the image changes when you view it from top to bottom & vice versa.  It’s old technology that I’ve seen in the 80s.  It could be older than that.  A poster is suppose to come later I think.  I don’t remember.  If I get it, then my order did have a poster.

So what came in a timely manner?

Basically some accessories by Master-piece Co.  I didn’t know much about this company & did some research beforehand.  I learned that the company’s products is hard to get here in North America as it is mostly in Asia.  So I managed to get these from a high end designer online shop that I have been buying from & was surprised that they carry it.

So the items are a small backpack that is foldable to pack & go.  The other is a continental wallet.  The backpack is nylon with some small leather parts here & there & the wallet is leather.

That is the first haul for 2018.  More to come some time soon.

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Catherine Full Body Announced for PS4 & PS Vita

Weeks ago, Atlus’ new studio Studio Zero made an announcement in looking to hire people to make their new game PROJECT Re FANTASY.  The announcement was hosted by Trisha from Catherine.  At the end of the announcement, Trisha gets surprised about getting hired to work on something that people thought was a sequel to Catherine.

A couple days ago, Atlus announces Catherine Full Body for the PS4 & PS Vita.  It’s not Catherine 2 or a sequel.  It’s a remake of the original game as it has a lot of new stuff.   It has new anime events, new gameplay puzzle mechanics, online mode, more sexy events, & more.  It’s pretty much a director’s cut or 1.5 version of the game like how Persona 3 FES is to Persona 3 & Persona 4 Golden to Persona 4. The subtitle Full Body is a wine term.

It also has a 3rd Catherine named Rin.  She acts an a middle point between the 2 other Catherines.  The game is being made by Studio Zero.  If you remember, Studio Zero is formed & made up of some former P Studio members.  P Studio made the original game, so Full Body is being handled almost by the same team.

After the news & screenshots were shown, a trailer later dropped:

The voice cast seems to be the same from the original game.  Vincent seems a little off.  I haven’t played the Japanese game for a long time, so I may be wrong.  But I assume it’s the same seiyu.  I haven’t checked yet.

The animation quality & graphics looks the same as the original.  It may be upscaled a bit.  Hard to tell since it seems to be running off the same game engine.

At the end of the trailer, people seem to think Rin may be transgender based on Vincent’s shocked reaction.  So far, Atlus referred Rin as a girl with no mentioning of transgender.  If they spoiled it upfront in the first trailer like that, you will lose the element of surprise.  If you played the original game & seen all the endings, this surprise isn’t much of a surprise anyways.

The game has a release date of next winter & is 50% completed. In other words, around the December 2018 mark.  I think this is the same month that the original game was released in Japan.  Of course, no North American release date.

If the game does come here, it will probably have the voice work redone since the voice actors for Vincent (Troy Baker) & Catherine (Laura Bailey) seem to be steering away from Japanese/anime based games.  Since not redoing their Persona 4 roles in the newer games, they haven’t done anything anime related games as they have been focused on AAA western games.  Chances are Matthew Mercer & Ashly Burch will replace those two.  Matthew replaced Troy for Kanji in P4 Golden onwards & Ashley took over Laura’s Rise role.

Anyways, I will probably buy the Japanese version of the game again unless the English version (if it does come out) has Japanese voiceovers.  I will buy both PS4 & PS Vita versions for the English release if it does come out.  For the Japanese version, PS4 version it is. If they have LE version, I’m on it.

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Second Trailers For Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Released

Today, Atlus Japan released news about Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night was shown during their Persona event in Japan.  Although with news of Persona 5 The Animation & the name of Persona 5’s hero, 2 trailers of the Dancing games were shown.  If you remember, the games are being released for PS4 & PS Vita.

First, Persona 5 Dancing Star Night:

In the trailer, Joker’s name is Ren Amamiya.  The name Akira Kurusu is no longer canon as most people think.  The name Ren is being used for this game & the anime show as well.  So, it’s official.  Sucks for me since I have been using Akira as my name for the 1st & currently 2nd playthrough of Persona 5.

Anyways, the game showed the full cast of characters of the Phantom Thieves.  Velvet Room attendants Justine & Caroline are shown in what looks like a story mode.  There was a previous mentioning before that both dancing games will not have story modes since there were concerns about where those games fit in their respective series timeline.  The trailer is narrated by Futaba Sakura & Morgana.

The music has a list of DJs doing the remix of the game’s soundtrack.  There are a couple that I recognize & happy to see.  I’m liking the music so far.

Next is Persona 3 Dancing Star Night:

The Persona 3 Hero’s name is Yuki Makoto.  The same name that was used in the movies.  So, it remains canon & official.  Like the previous trailer, it shows the game’s “full” cast.  Missing from the Persona 3 series are Shinjiro Aragaki & Koromaru.  Reasons possibly being that SPOILERS Shinjiro is dead END SPOILERS & Koromaru is a dog with no human form to dance in.

However, the trailer was narrated by 2 Velvet Room attendants: Elizabeth & Theodore.  If you know your P3 stuff, Theodore is from Persona 3 Portable & appears from the female Hero’s story path & not Yuki’s.  Theodore is not from the canon path officially & yet his voice is in the trailer.  So, it may be possible that there are some characters not shown in the trailer.  Also with the game showing some sort of story/visual novel parts, it could be possible something more there.  Justine & Caroline were shown in the P5DSN trailer & the P3 Velvet Room attendants were not here.

As for the music, the list of DJs is different than P5DSN’s list.  There are a couple that I know & like to see.  The music so far is more uplifting than I thought.  A bit on the fence on it.

Both games are coming out on May 24, 2018.  Both PS4& PS Vita versions will have special edition bundles in what looks like DLC costumes & 4 CD soundtrack (not sure if it’s full or not). The PS4 version will have 1 extra thing I see. It will come with a Persona 4 Dancing All Night download code for PS4.  So a port of the PS Vita game.  Not sure if it will be a redo as I heard the timing of the notes are off which turned off some people from the game.

Speaking of the gameplay, both P3DMN & P5DSN show the same gameplay style as P4DAN.  If it is the same as P4, it may be a problem.  It looks like there are some new mechanics, but I’m not sure as I haven’t played P4DAN yet.

As for the models, they look the same as shown in the previous trailer & they look good; especially the P3 characters.  Dance styles are different for each which I like.  Also, the game logos look nice even though they are simple.

Anyways, there is no North American release date for now since it’s Japan first.  But I’m still hyped for the games.  Of course, the OSTs will be in my CD collection & money will be thrown once preorders are available.

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