What’s Your Favourite Blog Posts On This Site?

I’ve been doing a lot of things on this blog site even though it’s not very informative or detailed as my main site.  But that doesn’t mean to stop visiting there.  If you are into anime or PSP gaming, please continue to help that site. *endcheapadinsert*

Although I look at the stats for this blog from time to time, I have been wondering what people like here.  I have done a lot of different categories.  Some of them are big & active while some are small or barely used at all.

So I made a poll for the fun of it & see what people like.  I thought I got most of the popular categories down.  If you want, tell me what you like about that category in the comment section as well.  It could help me a lot.

I thank all you readers out there for your views & hope I can do more on this site & my main depending on my time!

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer Drops During Playstation State Of Play

Today, Square Enix dropped a small trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake during Playstation’s State of Play event.

The video shows a mixture of CG cutscenes & gameplay.  It also shows Aerith, one of the main party members of the game.  The trailer mentions that the game is still in development & changes may occur.  If you look at the trailer closely, Tifa’s name appears in the battle menu.  But not the actual character model.  The battle system looks similar to a Kingdom Hearts game & Final Fantasy XV; games I’ve yet to play.  The video ends with Sephiroth appearing & more details to come in June; E3 month.

To me, I think the game is still long ways to go based on what I’ve seen so far.  From this trailer to the previous one, everything shown is in the Midgard scenario aka Disc 1 of the game.  Unless it’s purposely not shown, the game is probably 30% completed or less.  The game is huge.  If the game is actually finished or close to it, it’s probably a rushed job.  The game has been in development for a long time & had to be redone from scratch in the middle when original game developer CyberConnect was removed from the project & shifted to Square Enix’s in-house studios.

Nevertheless, this game is still on my radar.

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Atlus Japan Drops More Persona 5 The Royal Details

May 9 in Japan, Atlus drops more news about Persona 5 The Royal.  A day before Famitsu revealed some details that makes the May 9 announcement less special.  Atlus Japan dropped a video explaining some new details that aren’t much new.  Basically stuff that we knew before from the teaser & official website.  The main video is over 5 minutes long, but Atlus made 2 volume videos from that main video to show the main points.

The first video here shows the main exploration or school life parts of the game, the new characters Kasumi Yoshizawa, new confidant interactions, & new dungeon features.

The second video shows more of Kasumi, the new confidant Takuto Maruki, new added storylines, the added 3rd semester, human form Morgana, & a mystery character at the end.

Overall, it is basically existing details added on.  I still plan to make a post about my option this in the future.  Just a bit busy these days.

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May 3, 2018’s Haul Is Somewhat A Breather From A Week Of Hard Work (Lei Ieiri Duo LE)

This week was a heavy work week.  A shipment from CDJapan came today.  Making this short & brief since I’m pretty tired.

This is Leo Ieiri’s album DUO.  This is the LE version type A.  This type has a DVD containing footage from Leo’s FanClub Live 2018 event.  The type B is a collection of PVs in the DVD.

As a preorder bonus, a photo card came with the album.

It’s a pretty big photo card.  Thought it was a mini file folder at first.  But a big photo card nevertheless.

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Persona 5 R & Persona 5 S Revealed

Atlus Japan made a bunch of announcements this week regarding the Persona 5 franchise.  On April 24 in Japan, Atlus Japan revealed what P5R is.  It is Persona 5 the Royal.

The game is what Persona 4 The Golden was.  Persona 5 The Royal is a remake of Persona 5.  It will have a lot of new stuff.  Based on the trailer, it will have a new area to explore, new attacks, some new characters (1 being a Phantom Thief member), new cutscenes, & more.  I do have a few things to say about it, but I will leave it for next time.  The game comes out on October 31, 2019 in Japan for Playstation 4 only.  For Atlus outside of Japan, Altus USA announced within 24 hours that Persona 5 The Royal will come here & in Asia in 2020.  It was announced in a teaser trailer.

The game will be called Persona 5 Royal outside of Japan.

On April 25 in Japan, Atlus Japan revealed what P5S is.  It is Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers.

The game is developed or co-developed with Koei Tecmo’s W- Omega Force team.  The game is an action game in a musou or Dynasty Warriors style.  The game is coming for Playstation 4 & Switch.  No date was given.  In this one, a new character was shown.

Personally, I will be getting P5R for sure.  P5S is a maybe for me.  Musou games can be fun, but gets old fast at times.  And of course, I will be getting LEs if they do come out in that form.

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Easter Weekend Ends With More Music Haul On April 22, 2019 (Perfume 7th Tour 2018 FUTURE POP & DJ Okawari X Celeina Ann Nightfall)

Kind of forgot about this.  Then again, I seem to forget a lot of things.

So I preorder these from CDJapan quite some time ago.  Here they are:

First off is Perfume 7th Tour 2018 FUTURE POP.  This is the BD LE version.  Comes with 2 Blu-Ray discs & a photobook.  As an external bonus, I got this file folder.

I don’t remember if Perfume offered file folders before.  If so, it was probably a long time ago.  I know Leo Ieiri does it quite a bit.

Next up is DJ Okawari X Celeina Ann.  This is more of a mini album as it only has 7 tracks.  DJ Okawari has been releasing a lot of albums the past years after coming out of a long pause.  Celeina Ann is a bit new to me.  I’m not too much of a fan of her works that I have heard so far.  A bit of a pop side.  The 2 artists have very different sides.  But hearing the tracks on YouTube, the combination from this collaboration resulted into a jazz feel which quite interesting.  But so far, not my favourite album from DJ Okawari’s works.  Nevertheless, I got this since sometimes his albums are hard to come back.  Not sure if this will be one of them.

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April 3, 2019’s Haul Is One Artist I Kind Of Missed (Tiffany Young EP Album Vol. 1 Lips On Lips)

She is out of SM Entertainment.  But she says that she is always a Girls Generation member which is kind of strange.  I don’t know how she would cross from her current record company to SM to make a song or album.  Who am I talking about?

Tiffany Young.  My preorder from YesAsia came today, even though the time period to preorder it to the actual release date is short.  It seems to be a common thing that the Korean music industry does.  Give a very short window from the announcement to its release date.

Anyways, this is Tiffany’s first EP album outside of SM Entertainment.  This is Lips On Lips.  Apparently, this “album” has been out for awhile.  But in digital form & outside of Korea; mainly in the US as it’s mainly English songs.  It’s just that Korea finally has a release on their end in physical form.  True to EP form, it only has 5 tracks with 2 bonus ones for the Korean/Asian market.  Also true to form is the bonus it comes with.  A poster.

It’s pretty small, but it has pretty unique.  It has good paper material & it’s double sided.

I never seen anything like that.  At least in the Asian market or something that comes in a bonus to an item.

I kind of missed Tiffany when I got her previous mini album when she was with SM.  I waited for a long time for her to release another solo album, but didn’t expect it to be from a different company.  Nevertheless, it’s good to her that Tiffany is moving out of the Korean market & going to the US one.  Problem is that she is still labelled as a K-Pop artist where I feel that she is trying to get out of that image.  Wish her the best.

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Got Bodied With February 25, 2019’s Haul With A Catherine With A “Q” (PS4 Catherine Full body DYNAMITE FULL BODY BOX LE)

This came faster than I thought.  Was expecting this in March, but Japan pulls through again.

So, my preorder from CDJapan came today.  I was hoping it would come later since I wanted to play the original of this in English first.

It’s Atlus remake Catherine Full Body for the PS4.  This is the LE version called Dynamite Full Body Box.  It comes in a special outer box, an artbook, a CD soundtrack for this game & the original Catherine, & DLC.  For me, this is a bit smaller than I thought.  Also, the content is not that impressive as I thought for some reason.  Of course, I knew beforehand what the LE had.  But somehow I’m not that impressed.  Regardless, I got this to support the series.  I even preordered the North American version too & it seems to be a bit better than this package.  That’s a rare thing since the Japanese ones tends to be a better package.  I also noticed that the cover art of this special box will be the same art for the upcoming English one as the steelbook case.

I don’t know if I will be playing this right away like I did with the Japanese Ps3 Catherine since it is heavy in story & my Japanese has gone down hill.  Also, there’s that problem that people are getting on about the game’s story which is causing a stir.  Because of that, I may mis-translate the story the wrong way.  But I will think about it as the game is tempting.  But again, the North American version will have dual audio.  What to do….

Update: Was about to throw away the package box that the game came in until I found this at the bottom of the box.

It’s the CDJapan exclusive bonus for the game.  You can somewhat see it on the bottom left that it has a the Neowing logo which is the company that CDJapan belongs too.  It was literately sitting at the very bottom of the box beneath all the wrapping paper.  It’s very small too.  About an inch tall & wide.  I didn’t think I would get it even though I preordered the game in advance.  Thought I wasn’t fast enough to get it.  Tip of the day:  Always check the bottom of the box before throwing things away.

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