Update To My Main Website CK’s Anime & PSP Games

If you have been following my main site, you may have notice the lack of updates last week.  Although you could go to the site without problems last week, I had a lot of problems trying to upload my files.  The web hosting site doesn’t have a proper cpanel tool for file managing.  You need a FTP program for it.  I been using my main web designing tool’s FTP & it doesn’t work.  Used another FTP program that the web hosting site recommended, & it doesn’t work as well.  Checked the FTP info & they are correct.  But yet, I still can’t connect being the server offline or something.

Aside from that problem which seems to happen frequently now & the hosting site being offline overall, I decided to go another web hosting site.  Although I keep saying that I will rework the site, I will be actually removing some parts very soon.  I will remove the Downloads section for a couple of reasons.

One is that most of programs there are too old as newer Windows programs will probably not run them & if they do, they probably won’t run well.  Second is the hosting site will probably treat them as warez which they aren’t since most companies probably have treated them as abandoned programs.  Also, the wallpapers there are too small in size now.  With bigger screens & higher resolution pixels, those wallpapers ain’t worth having as wallpapers now.

The new site URL is here.  You will see a September 29, 2014 update which didn’t appear until today.  Didn’t want to change it since I didn’t feel like it really.  Today’s update will be there too.  But the site will have problems for now due to incorrect URL links.  Trying to get all that corrected.  It will take some time for it to update.  So if something is broken, don’t worry for now.

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What’s Your Favourite Blog Posts On This Site?

I’ve been doing a lot of things on this blog site even though it’s not very informative or detailed as my main site.  But that doesn’t mean to stop visiting there.  If you are into anime or PSP gaming, please continue to help that site. *endcheapadinsert*

Although I look at the stats for this blog from time to time, I have been wondering what people like here.  I have done a lot of different categories.  Some of them are big & active while some are small or barely used at all.

So I made a poll for the fun of it & see what people like.  I thought I got most of the popular categories down.  If you want, tell me what you like about that category in the comment section as well.  It could help me a lot.

I thank all you readers out there for your views & hope I can do more on this site & my main depending on my time!

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December 5, 2017’s Haul Is Something That I Nearly Missed Out (DJ Okawari Compress)

I was following this for a long time, but somehow I missed out on it.  I was lucky to get it in time.  So what am I talking about?

It’s DJ Okawari’s Compass.  I got this from CDJapan & at a decent price.  DJ Okawari’s albums come in limited numbers & prices for some of his albums go up in value.  However, some people don’t seem to like this album much.  I have sampled some of the tracks before buying the album & it is very similar to his previous album.  It has some vocal tracks which some people didn’t like from his previous album.  I like the 3rd album, but this one is a bit too similar.  I knew this album was coming out, but I don’t know what caused me to stop tracking it.

More hauls should be coming soon.  I think.

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Hauls From December 3 & 4, 2017 Teaches Me The Lesson Of The Force (Sphero R2-D2 & Force Band)

As you may remember from my previous post, I am stuck with a old laptop & postings on this blog & my main site is very minimal.  But I will continue to post hauls when I get the chance.

So Canada Post is going Christmas mode where they will be doing package deliveries 7 days a week.  I give my praise & support for their hard work during this busy season.  I missed out my first haul which was yesterday December 3.  I was at work & had to pick it up on the same day surprisingly.  Was thinking that I need to pick it up today.  So what came first?

It’s Sphero’s R2-D2 from the Star Wars series.  After getting BB-8, I decided to get this.  I admit BB-8 isn’t too much fun since it’s mainly a Sphero ball with a head & I don’t do much programming.  But R2-D2 is a bit more fun as it is a droid that I kind of grew up with during my childhood.  The Star Wars didn’t make much sense to me as a kid though.  It was mainly the robots & fights that I got me in.  But like BB-8, this thing will probably get old for me.  So, I get this next haul today.

Also from the Star Wars series & Sphero product line, it’s the Force Band.  This came as a free gift from Best Buy.  They got a promo where you buy a Star Wars droid, you get a Force Band for free.  The band is $100 worth from Best Buy & R2-D2 was on sale for $170.  So it’s kind of buying R2-D2 for $70.  I was interested in the Force Band before, but the price threw me off.

Playing around with the Force Band, it is kind of interesting & tough.  It’s got a bunch of other features, but I don’t think I will be doing those things.  Mainly find stuff in an environment like AR & “shadow” fighting with lightsabers & plasma guns.  Pretty much stuff that kids will probably get a kick out of.  But being a guy with low interest, I will probably get bored with these things fast.

I do expect more hauls coming this month.  But the time I will post about them will probably be slow.  Again, lack of equipment.  I could try the apps for tablets & phones, but it will be a bit hard for me since I’m one of those people that prefer physical keyboards for long typing.  And I don’t know how to type.

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November 19, 2017 Haul Will Make Me A Taiko Master! (Taiko no Tatsujin: Session de Dodon ga Don! Bundle Package)

Or maybe not.  So my parents came back from Hong Kong today & got me something that I asked to see if they could get.  And they did.  Too fast.  If they wanted a bit longer, they could have saved about $100HKD.  So here’s a tip when you go shopping in Hong Kong at small retail shops: wait.  Don’t go buying things right away.  You will most likely the item you want a bit cheaper in the next town.  Sometimes, it can be just down the street/block.  So, what’s this item I got?

It’s Taiko no Tatsujin: Session de Dodon ga Don! Bundle Package for the PS4 from Bandai Namco Entertainment.  Apparently, this is the Japanese version.  I thought I got the Asia version since it is the local market item there & usually cheaper.  Nevertheless, I’m happy with it since I don’t need to setup a HK SEN account.

This is a bundle package which comes with the taiko drum & game.  I mainly wanted just the controller, but my dad suggested this since you need the game to play with the drums really.  I wanted to get the digital version & wait it out a bit for a sale.  But this is pretty much the only way to get the drums for some reason.  Then again, my parents aren’t gamers like me & I’m only at the casual level.  I heard there is another version of the bundle package that comes with a DLC code.  Not sure if this one has it.  The DLC is mainly adding more songs.  If I have it, great.  If not, no big loss since I can pretty much buy them later on.

Now for an update.  The reason why I haven’t done much here & on my main site is because my main computer went down.  Judging from the model & the problem, it seems like the video card got shot & it’s not an easy replacement.  My computer is a late 2009 27″ iMac.  The computer is old, so the part for it is not going to be cheaper & easy to get.  It will most likely be used & the price I’ve seen sits at around US$300.  With my computer being old, I don’t know if it is worth my time & investment to fix it.  I managed to get the data out which is the main concern.  I don’t know if I should get a new computer or just stick with this MacBook Pro that I’m using to write this post.  Problem with this MacBook Pro is that it’s a 2009 model & slowing a lot of signs of lag.  I don’t used this notebook much & has little stuff in it.  So, I don’t know if I should go for a desktop or notebook at this point.  Tip when buying computers: don’t buy a desktop & a laptop from the same year.  You will end up spending a lot to replace them when they both go down.

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September 27, 2017: My Fate Has Been Sealed (Mousepad)

So I go to work today.  First day back in a week.  I get an early birthday present which was left behind.  Didn’t know who gave it & what was inside.  Put aside & decided to look later.  When I finally decided to see what’s inside, I was surprised to see this.

When I saw this, I was in awe.  Never would I expect to get a gift like this.  I don’t know if anyone would give something like this as a gift.  Unlike you decide to make it a joke item.

I have been off the anime train for quite some time, but I do try to keep up on some of the latest trends.  Just no time for it these days.  But I don’t think this character is from anything.  Looks generic.  Possible chance it comes from some hentai stuff since it has that 3D model approach.   But it’s one of those cheap knockoff mousepads that got on the oppai trend & stole the image from somewhere.

Don’t know if I plan to use it since the work space area is small.  Got use to free forming my mouse around which made me stop using mousepads for a long time.  I got an official one oppai mousepad from the DOAX 3 LE for the PS Vita & I never used it.  Maybe this one will be the one?  The materials are probably different & the feel as well.

I should stop here.

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Do I Wanna For September 15, 2017’s Haul? (Perfume If you wanna LE)

I kind of forgot about this.  So what is this thing that I forgot about?

It’s Perfume’s If you wanna single.  This is the LE version with a DVD & special packaging.  There is another LE without special packaging.  I think the special packaging has a “case” to hold the discs.  The other LE is a sleeve case which is weird.  It seems Perfume is running out of ideas at this point.  I haven’t heard this single yet, but yet I buy it.  Mainly to show my continuous support like a hardcore fanboy which I’m not since I do have some songs that I don’t like from them.

I don’t think I have anything else coming in this month.  Pretty slow really & I haven’t been buying a bunch of things lately.  Trying to save money on some important stuff.

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It’s August 31, 2017 & It’s Finally Here (Leo Ieiri: Zutto, Futari de LEs)

It’s August 31.  The last Leo Ieiri shipment from CDJapan came on August 1.  Not too bad compare to my previous shipments from Chinese speaking Asia areas.  But they still need to step up their game!

So what Leo Ieiri stuff came in from Yesasia?

It’s 2 limited edition versions of Zutto, Futari de.  One comes with a DVD which is the left one.  The right one is basically a regular edition due to the cover image, but it comes with a goodie which is a mobile strap.  I do hate it when this happens.  I understand that it is for choice of variety, but hardcore fans would get them both.  I ain’t hardcore, but I’m close to it since I’m mainly supporting Leo.

Anyways, that’s all for this month.  I did get a pair of shoes these past days.  Don’t know if they are interesting enough to put up though.  I’ll think about it & see if I want to post it or not.  They will probably be wore out by then.  Also if not enough content is up here, I may consider it.

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My Thoughts About Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

A few weeks ago, Atlus Japan announced Persona 5 The Animation.  It was expected given that there was 2 Persona 4 anime shows, the Persona 3 movies, & a Persona 5 OVA.  Personally, I’m not a fan of the P5 OVA animation as it was done by another studio.  I think it was A-1 Studio.  The game animation was made by Production I.G.  The difference in animation quality is huge.  But it’s interesting to see what name Joker is given & the type of canon character he is.  I have a slight idea what his character is based on the OVA if they are heading that path.  Plus it’s the same studio that is doing the show.

But I’m here to talk about the other Persona news that was announced I think the day later.  It was Persona 5 Dancing Star Night & Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night for Playstation 4 & Playstation Vita.  Persona Q 2 for 3DS was quietly announced as well, but I’m not going to get into that.

If you haven’t seen the announcement trailers for the Persona dance games, here are the trailers:

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night:

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night:

Both games are planned for release in Spring 2018 in Japan.  No North American release date has been announced yet.  This was pretty much an expected thing really.  So what do I think about it?  I think it is great in a way.

The music in the Persona games are great.  So it does make sense that it gets a rhythm game.  Persona 4 got it, but it does have some problems from what I heard.  I got the game, but yet to play it.  I heard that the timing of the rhythm is off & poor.  The game was originally going to be made with Dango, the company that made the first 3 Project Diva PSP games.  But the game went all internal later on & I don’t think there was any official reason made on why.  Game was poorly done in that area even though the rest of the game was good.  Because of the bad rhythm gameplay, I hope that the P-Studio Team will learn something from it.

As of the game, it seems to run on a lighter version of the P5 engine.  Reason why I say that is the character model for Joker seems a bit different; mainly in the hair department.  It looks a bit cleaner & watered down.  I think the engine is different somewhat for the PS Vita to handle.  I don’t think it has the power to run the original engine smoothly.  But models of P3 look great; especially the animations.

Although the 2 dancing games are probably being made at the same time due to the same release window, the dance moves for the 2 games are different.  P5 seems more jazzy & swing while P3 is more B-boy & rock pop.  I like how Atlus is showing some difference in the dance moves because of the music.

In terms of music, I like the music style of P3 more.  Although the original music is mainly on the dark side, the remixes will probably be more upbeat & heavy in tone.  P5 is great, but I’m not too much into Jazz.  But if P3 was dark, how is the story going to play out in Dancing Moon Light; especially on what happened in the P3 ending?

P4 Dancing All Night had a story that was canon.  A lot of people are wondering how P3 Dancing Moon Night will play out.  P5 can probably continue without problems, but P3 will be a mess.  However, I did hear on the net that this won’t be the case.  I hear that the new dancing games will not have a story mode.  It will be replaced with something else.  What that is is unknown.  Chances are the games will be purely a rhythm game & nothing else.  Given how close the release window is, I don’t see how the team can make storylines for 2 games at once unless they turn out crappy or have been in the process for a long time.

Speaking of changes, I also heard that P5 will have new tracks.  Not remixes, actual new tracks.  These are probably tracks that didn’t make it to the final cut of the original game & have been put in as is or changed a bit.  This is probably when P5 was going through a lot of changes in the production cycle.

Overall, I am a bit iffy about the games at this point if what I heard about P4 Dancing All night is true.  But I will still preorder both games when they become available in North America.  I prefer the Vita version due to the use of headphones & portability.  The game seems to be more suitable for this kind of console.  This will probably change if there is a LE that is only for the PS4 or the PS4 version turns out to be the superior one due to extra stuff or better gameplay performance.  But you can bet your ass that I will be all over the OSTs as well.

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