Persona 5 DLC Schedule Up On Official Website

A few days ago Atlus has put up a DLC list & schedule for the PS3 & PS4 game Persona 5 on the official site.  It includes the price of the DLC & content.  There are some free DLCs on the list.  Looking at the list, it seems to be the exact same as the Japanese release.  Nothing missing.

For me, I’m gonna grab almost all the DLCs.  At least the free ones for sure.  A lot of it is just costumes with an special item & additional music.  I’ll probably grab some of them at a later date or lower price as they will most likely be in a 2nd or 3rd play through.  That is if I can get past the 100 hour mark.

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Persona 5, Persona 5, PERSONA 5! AHHHH!!!! (Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition)

I was waiting out on a different haul which I thought was coming very soon, but to my surprise it hasn’t yet.  Instead, I get this which makes me scream like a high school girl meeting her idol.

My preorder from Best Buy arrived on day 1 of release.  It’s Persona 5 for the PS4 by Altus.  This is the Premium Edition of the game which is called Take Your Heart.  The game is available for PS3, a console I own, but I decided to got the PS4 route for better performance & visuals for this stylish game.  Yet, I don’t have a PS4.  So it’s time to get one.  All this time, I was waiting out for something for the PS4 Pro.  Waiting out on a price drop, sale, hardware refreshing, colour, etc.  Yet, nothing happened.  I’m going to wait it out this week to see if there are any sales.  If not, full price it is.

Anyways, the LE for this game has a CD OST, artbook, a SteelBook for the game disc, a school bag, & a 4″ Morgana plush.  All in a nice magnetic box.  If the PS3 version had a LE, I would have gone for that.  Instead, the LE is only PS4.  Thus another reason I went PS4.

Time to go PS4 Pro hunting!  AHHHH!!!!

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Altus Unboxes Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition

A few days ago, Altus posted an unboxing video for Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition for PS4.  There are other people/companies out there that have unboxing videos for this LE as well, but some of them (mainly the regular people like us) got the game much early due to some stores breaking the street date.  Anyways, the “best” video is the one from the company that published the game.  Here’s the video below:

The contents & presentation for the LE is pretty nice.  As the video mentions, this is probably the best LE that Atlus (USA at least) has released.  Catherine is the second best that I can think of personally.  I got this LE preordered already for a long time & it’s really worth the wait.  I just need a PS4 to play it & that should be coming next month.  I just need to buy it.

P5 is coming out next week & it has been a long time coming.  It has been a long time since the game released in Japan & avoiding spoilers from the net has been accomplished.  The hype for this game has been fading a bit for me since the long wait.  Also, I’ve yet to start Persona 4 Golden. Persona 4 Dancing All Night doesn’t count.  Starting P4G now won’t have me completing it before P5 releases here.  Skipping work, sleep, & eating won’t do me any good.  Nevertheless, I’m still excited for P5 to come here & getting that LE in my hands soon.

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Online Dating Site: Some Interesting Theories

I apologize for the lack of updates here about the online dating experiment.  I do plan to get something up for results.  But this is not the time for that.  I want to talk about something that I read in a news article this past week which was interesting.  The article was talking about dating.

The article I read was written by a professional matchmaker of 5 years I think it was.  She writes a lengthy article about her work experience.  Instead of repeating what she wrote, I will just pull out the important points & kind of summarize it.  I don’t remember exactly the details, but I got the main points at least.

Basically, the article talks about how some races have better luck in dating than other races.  It’s also based on gender.  Getting to the point, Asian men & black women have it worse.  The ones that have it best are white men.  This finding seems to apply to North America as the evidences that support it are based on pop culture.  The arguments are Hollywood.

You see TV shows & movies that have the main lead male character in love/drama stories being heavily white males.  You don’t see an Asian guy in those roles.  They are pretty much seen as action kung fu guys instead.  No love, all action.

Another thing about Asian men is about them being not too attractive.  This kind of supports the Hollywood evidence.  Another argument is being plain in appearance & common looking.  Also, it seems the ladies prefer pasta over rice.  Having too much rice ain’t nice I guess.

Speaking of Asians, the article talks about how Asian women are a preferred choice.  Mainly because of them being more feminine & more sexual.  Thus, a high choice for men.

For black women, they are portrayed as aggressive & more masculine by Hollywood.  When they say masculine, they mean kind of dominate & tough.  Although you do see black women in main female lead roles in love stories, it is classified differently.  Apparently the “lighter” black women are more favourable.  Probably because they are a bit more “white”.  The “darker” black women are the ones showing the negative parts.  So people prefer milk or white chocolate over dark chocolate.

A test that was mention was a black woman using an online service.  I think it was OkCupid, a service that I’m currently using for my experiment.  The woman mentions how she got very little hits with her profile & pics.  When she decided to photoshop her pics to be less “black” & more “white”, the number of hits dramatically went up.  However, her profile remains the same.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m totally screwed in my experiment because I’m Asian.  I got many Asian male friends that are married.  So, the article is not 100% correct.  Even the writer herself points that out.  It just probably means my luck is low according to the article, which is kind of true at the moment.  But it does point out that we do have some sort of race discrimination for our love interest.  If you followed my progress on the experiment, you do see my discrimination for my partner as well.  For some people, there is a good/valid reason while for some it isn’t.

So my single Asian brothers & black sisters, hope is not lost.  Although the odds aren’t in our favour, it doesn’t mean we won’t get love.  Go beat those odds & don’t get bummed down!

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A Prediction From March 22, 2017’s Haul Says Something Is Coming (Taeyeon: Vol. 1 – My Voice Posters)

So, I was pretty excited to see this come in the mail from Yesasia today.  Usually I’m not too excited about these things.  It’s half of the package.  The other half probably comes in tomorrow or sometime this week.

It’s 2 posters from Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s 1st full album My Voice.  Why am I excited about these?  Mainly to see what the images are on the posters.  If you are familiar with this album release, the images are from the 2 CD covers.  Since I preordered both versions, I don’t know which poster you would get with which version.  Don’t know if you get the same image for both the CD cover & poster or a mixture of the 2.  Personally, I’m not a fan of both images.

Hope to see the CDs coming soon.

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My Opinion On Beauty and the Beast Performed By Ariana Grande And John Legend

This past week, Disney Music released the music video for Beauty and the Beast as performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend.  The original Beauty and the Beast animation movie was a masterpiece that broke a lot of barriers by having a lot of big nominations & awards that wasn’t common for an animated film at its time.  One of them was the music soundtrack.  It was beautiful & still reminds so today.

So when I heard about the main theme song Beauty and the Beast was used again for the live action movie, I was interested to know what it would sound like.  When I heard it was going to be sung by Ariana Grande & John Legend, I was a bit interested.  Since I don’t listen to mainstream English songs very much these days, I only based my assumption on what I know about the 2 artists.  I know Ariana is more modern & trendy pop, but has an amazing vocal range.  John is mainly slow ballads.  Combining the 2 together, it made an interesting pairing in my mind.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, here it is:

Listening to it, the song isn’t too bad.  But not great in my opinion.  The song starts out great, but it goes off course just when Ariana’s part about to end & shift to John’s.  It becomes a roller coaster at the point for me.  It has some nice parts & some bad/weird parts.  Growing up with the original version that was performed  by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson, I was a bit sadden on how the current version sounds like. But I won’t compare the 2 here.  I’m just going to say what I heard.

The new/current version seems fast & choppy.  It starts off with a slow & soft feeling.  When it gets to the middle, it feels like the song was being rushed based on how the artists are singing.  The singing between the 2 artists have good chemistry.  But the performance on this type of song seems off.  It feels like a pop song that was rushed out & not practiced enough.  It’s like it’s between a demo version to a final version.  It’s in the middle.  What made me feel that way is how some of the words are connected in a sharp matter.  Not sure if its the autotuning.

Also, it feels somewhat loud.  When I say loud, I don’t mean the sounds being too noisy. It’s like the song is very bold & putting itself out there like a whatever matter.  Thus, not fitting the mood for me.  It could be the artists being young & aiming towards a young audience.  Kind of like what sounds good versus what feels good.

If you haven’t heard the original, here it is:

The original is more soft & slow.  Although it has that pop feel, it has a more classical approach to fit the theme.  I won’t go anymore as it may seem like I favour the original to the new version which I don’t want to do.  Chances are the younger audience will find this version to be slow & boring though.  They may not know these 2 artists.  Celine might be a name thrown around, but Peabo will probably be a “who?” person though.

Now if I heard the new version first, I would still say the same thing.  The song is ok, but not a personal favourite that you will find in any of my playlists.  Again, this is my personal opinion.  I’m sure there are people out there that like this version.  I like the Ariana & John combo, but it doesn’t seem to fit for this song.  The live action movie isn’t only targeted to the older audience like me that seen the original animation movie, it also aims to draw in a new & younger generation.  The typical Disney approach from going generation to generation.

If you want to describe how I compare the 2 versions, I would say that the Celine & Peabo version is “Beauty” while the Ariana & John version is the “Beast”.

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February 22’s Haul Gives Me Some J-Music (Perfume Tokyo Girl LE & Leo Ieiri 5th Anniversary Best)

This was faster than expected.  So, my preorder from CDJapan came in today.  I was expecting them to come next month.  But I ain’t complaining.  So what is it?

wp-1487813418294.jpgFirst is Perfume’s Tokyo Girl.  In LE form of course.  This come with a DVD.  Strangely enough, the packaging for this single is simple.  Perfume would usually have some interesting thing going on with their packaging.  Instead, it’s just a slip cover.  Very plain from Perfume standards.

wp-1487813418271.jpgThe second item is doesn’t break it’s vibe.  It’s Leo Ieiri’s 5th Anniversary Best.  Yes, there is once again the LE has type A & B again.  Don’t know why they keep doing stuff like this.  Both come with a DVD, but the content is different for each version.  Type A has video clips from Leo’s 5th Live Tour ~WE | ME ~.  Type B has PVs.  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years that Leo hit the scene.  Didn’t feel long for some reason.

For both artists, there was a bonus that I either didn’t know about or completely forgot.

wp-1487813418277.jpgAlthough there are 3 tubes here, 2 of them are duplicates.  Perfume came with 1 poster, while Leo came with a calendar poster.  I have 2 calendars since I got 2 Leo CDs.  I didn’t open them as they are all wrapped in green tissue paper.  Thus, I didn’t want to open them.  I’m sure the Perfume poster is just the store promo one.  The Leo one is the most interesting to me since she hasn’t done any poster giveaways from my knowledge.  I know that the calendar is the same for both since they both carry the same ID numbers.

I think this should be the last haul for this month.  I don’t recall what else should be coming.

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