It’s July 7, 2017 & My Wallpaper Is Finally Here (Taeyeon Vol. 1 – My Voice Deluxe Edition Poster)

It took me over a month & half of my preorder has finally arrived.  It seems that shipments from Chinese areas in Asia have serious delays now.  So what finally came in?

It’s a poster from Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s album Vol. 1 – My Voice.  This is from Deluxe Edition which I’m still upset about.  Can’t believe that the record company released it so close to the original release.  Forgetting what version this was, I had to look it up.  This is the Sky version.  For the CD that I’m getting, I don’t know which version it is.  When I preorder it from YesAsia, there was no choice on which version to get.  It is random.  I’m going to find out which it is when it gets here.  Whenever that is.

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Who Won E3 2017? Microsoft or Sony?

It’s E3 2017 this week & 2 of the most important press conferences went & gone.  To my surprise, Microsoft did their press conference on Sunday instead of Monday.  A day early instead of a few hours earlier than Sony’s press conference.  Very strange as it would give Sony more time to prepare their press conference to outdo Microsoft’s.  But what I did I think about the conferences?  Let’s start with Microsoft.

I didn’t really paid a lot of attention to the Microsoft press conference, but I did get some of the details.  A large chunk of it was focused on XBox One X (aka Project Scorpio).  The details on the console isn’t anything new from what we heard before.  Overall, it’s the powerful console on the market right now.  Games were shown in 4K to the audience & viewers at home with 4K setups.  There were new games announced, including exclusives.  Also, updates on past announced games last year were shown.  The biggest thing to take out of the conference is the XBox One X’s tech details & price which is US$499 (CDN $599).

On Sony’s side, it’s the same format as last year.  Less time & more games shown non-stop.  Not many new game announcements shown as a large chunk of it is on updates on games announced last year.  Playstation VR had its time with new games shown.  The whole thing was focused on games.

So, which one won?  In my option, it was Microsoft hands down.  The public announcement of XBox One X & the games running on it was definitely the show stopper.  New games were announced & some of them were exclusives.  But the down side on that conference was that some of the games are not true exclusives.  They were console launch exclusive or timed exclusive.  The conference caused a lot of confusion with the word exclusive being thrown away.

Sony’s conference seemed lazy.  It was like they gave up & couldn’t get anything from a large number of 3rd parties.  Thus, Microsoft takes it in my books.

I don’t plan to do my usual Day X of E3 2017 this year.  Mainly because of time for me.  But I will talk about XBox One X & my opinion about it later.

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June 2, 2017’s Haul Is a Double A Side Single Which A Double First For Me (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Harajuku Iyahoi & Yasutaka Nakata Crazy Crazy Feat. Charli XCX & Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)

Although I do know his work from Perfume, this is the first time that I got a CD that has his own solo work & his other artist.  Who am I talking about?  Yasutaka Nakata.

From CDJapan, my order for  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Harajuku Iyahoi & Yasutaka Nakata Crazy Crazy Feat. Charli XCX & Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has arrived.  Although it has a song from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, I’m not into this artist.  I mainly brought it for Crazy Crazy.

There should be another haul coming soon this month.  Mainly music again.

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May 5, 2017’s Haul Is Something I Nearly Forgot (Perfume 5th Tour 2016 COSMIC EXPLORER LE)

I nearly forgot about this.  Then again, Perfume has been releasing very limited stuff & in short time periods.  So what came in is this.

This is Perfume 5th Tour 2016 COSMIC EXPLORER.  This is the Blu-Ray limited edition which contains an extra disc.  I also got the preorder bonus poster which is pretty much the store promo poster I think.  I haven’t open it really.

Nothing really much to say really.  I think I may get another haul this month though.

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It’s May 3, 2017 & It’s Finally Here! (Taeyeon Vol. 1 – My Voice Fine Version & I Got Love Version)

What I thought was a couple of days from my posters arrival turned into a couple of months.  I contacted Yesasia about not receiving the other half of my shipment & they did a reshipment.  Usually it doesn’t take this long for something to arrive from them.  Anyways, if you forgot what it was, here it is.

It’s Taeyeon Vol. 1 – My Voice.  Her first full solo album.  I brought both versions.  The one on the left is the I Got Love version & the right is the Fine version.  I think the difference between the 2 versions is the cover & the attached photobook.  For songs, there is no difference.  However, it seems that the record company wants you to buy both as the spine for both “books” makes it complete.

The words “My Voice” fits nicely together.  Although the words bends over on the other side, it makes the spine of the books to look better.

While I finally got these CDs, there is a deluxe version out now.  While I was waiting, that new version upsets me.  It has 3 additional songs & 1 of the songs is 1 that I want.  Cause of that, I brought that.  But I won’t get it anytime soon since I got it ordered with a preorder item.  So, I should get that next month if things got smoothly.

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Atlus Softens Up Persona 5 Gameplay Videos & Streaming Restrictions

A couple of weeks back when Atlus released Persona 5 outside of Japan, they set up some streaming restrictions for the game.  If you don’t remember what they are, it was basically you can’t stream past 7/7 (July 7) & some other parts like character transformations, endings of dungeons, etc.  If you did that, you risk getting a copyright/content strike or account suspension.  The idea is to enjoy the game without being spoiled by the internet.

Today, Atlus decided to loosen up the restrictions a bit due to the large negative response.  The restriction is now set to 11/19 which is the start of the final act in the main story according to Atlus.  Although the date has been extended, the other restrictions in the middle seems to be the same as nothing is mentioned about them.  Also, the PS4 sharing function is still disabled.

With the restriction being near the game end, I don’t think this will do much for some people.  One reason is that some people have completed the game already.  Unless you start the game late, I don’t see some people that completed the game to stream it now.  They know the story & ending, so they may not want to go though it again.  The ones that will stream it will probably be the ones that have yet started.  If they are people like me that haven’t completed the game yet but is currently playing it, they probably won’t stream the middle part of the game.

Another reason is the PS4 sharing still being disabled.  Unless you have an external device to do it, some people may not invest into this idea.

In the end, the restriction lift is pretty useless.  Just enjoy the game.

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April 11, 2016’s Haul Will Make Me Go Pro (Playstation 4 Pro)

Well, it won’t make me MLG or a pro gamer.  But it took me time to actually get this.  Because I need it to play this.

So my order from Amazon via Marketplace came today.  It’s the Playstation 4 Pro.  Brought it with a bunch of Amazon gift cards & found at a bit of a cheaper price.  It was $30 cheaper.  Better than nothing.  Still need to pay a bit of cash for it.  Looking it up close, the thing isn’t as big as I thought.  The box at least.

I don’t know if I will be setting this up today.  My house is changing service providers for TV, landline phone, & internet.  So no point in me setting it up now until the tech guys gets here & finish the jobs.  Also, I need to see if I have a HDI cable around the house.  I know the PS4 Pro comes with a HDMI cable, but I need more 1 since I’m connecting the console to a amplifier sound system which then connects to the TV.  I can’t leave the house to buy a cable if I don’t have one since I need to wait for the tech guys & stay while their around.  Plus, I need to redo my router & devices to get them back online.

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