A “sister” site of CK’s Anime & PSP Games site (formerly called CK’s Anime, PSP Games, & Thoughts).  This is more of a quick news update site of latest anime (media & collectible forms) & some Playstation-related games on the side.  But this is only from what I like; not the entire industry itself.


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  1. Shane.W says:

    Hi CK

    Could you advise the best place to import Idolm@ster volumes from? Currently costing me a lot more to get than the prices you are able to obtain them for. I Currently have up to Volume 5 of Idolm@ster and am being Quoted £345 GBP to get the last 4 volumes, any advice would be fantastic.


    • ck says:

      Hi Shane. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

      Where have you been getting your volumes? I’ve been getting mines mainly from YesAsia & eBay. I had some US$5 coupons from YesAsia which I used on some of the volumes. I mainly go for sites with free shipping. Sometimes places with free shipping is actually cheaper than other places with paid shipping. I don’t know what the shipping costs are for your area, but you can try Nippon-Yasan.com. I recently discovered this site & they have very good prices.

      If you don’t mind getting used, I suggest buy those from Japanese sellers on eBay. The condition on used games are unbelievably good. But if you aren’t a rush, I suggest waiting. I found some of the volumes to have lower prices now. Like volume 4, it has a price tag nearly half of the suggested Japanese retail price.

      My advice on getting the last 4 volumes (may not be the best nor correct) would be this: wait out on volumes 6 & 7. I have a feeling that they will drop in price in a couple of months. But I think volume 6 will be more likely. They will probably go just under US$100 each. For volume 8, I would get that on release month as I have a feeling that one will be a bit harder to get as it has the wedding theme. I’m not sure about volume 9, but I think it’s possible to wait out on that one.

  2. Shane.W says:

    Hi CK

    Thank you very much for the prompt reply! The website you provided me with is absolutely awesome! What is there service like ? Do they request the money upon placing the order or when the item is shipped?

    I was getting my imports from a seller from Ebay that imports them in, however looking at the prices on Nippon-Yasan are so much better saving me around £50 in total! I User Yes-Asia and play-asia from time to time however I always get a big kick in middle by tax and customs every time ( Just my Luck )

    Nippon-Yasan Look pretty awesome and fact they mark all items as ifts to help you avoid custom charges is pretty awesome!

    The Seller I use however is still cheaper in some instances for example Stein;Gate Double pack is £130 on Nippon but Managed to get it for £110 from my seller.

    Thanks again for the awesome advice it is much appreciated!

    What games are you into on PS3 ? If you don’t mind I would like you add you on PSN.

    • ck says:

      I actually haven’t got anything from that site yet. I recently found out about it & have placed 2 orders (1 preorder & the other has 1 preorder & 1 in-stock item in it). I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it, so I’m giving it a shot. Won’t know the results until I get my first order in late May or June. I know that you can pay later for preorders until like a week before the release date & they will send you an invoice where you have 1 day to pay it. I usually pay for everything in advance just to get it over with if possible.

      I usually avoid eBay as a last resort. I usually buy from there when I’m looking for something rare. I’ve only seen like 3 or 4 sellers from Japan that offer good prices. I usually stick to YesAsia as I have no problems with whole process from Hong Kong to here.

      The only thing I don’t like about Nippon-Yasan at the moment is how their price changes very frequent on some items. I’ve seen a few already having either increases or decreases in price. So you really need to watch it. But in the end, you really need to do some homework in figuring out which is cheaper like a smart shopper. It’s always good to have a few stores in mind.

      I usually play RPGs (JRPGs mainly), action (RE, Uncharted), & some fighting games. I don’t play FPS as the camera movements make me feel sick. I’m okay with you adding me on PSN, but I’m usually not online much as I mention on my PSN ID post.

  3. beiby says:

    Hello , are you selling any of your Perfume posters ?

  4. Ryan. Z says:

    Hi, do you happen to still have the Oreimo iPhone app that has been taken off the Japan iTunes App Store and they Ayase add-ons?

  5. ck says:

    I do, but I have no plans to put them up as downloads if that’s what you are asking.

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