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Who Won E3 2017? Microsoft or Sony?

It’s E3 2017 this week & 2 of the most important press conferences went & gone.  To my surprise, Microsoft did their press conference on Sunday instead of Monday.  A day early instead of a few hours earlier than Sony’s … Continue reading

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April 11, 2016’s Haul Will Make Me Go Pro (Playstation 4 Pro)

Well, it won’t make me MLG or a pro gamer.  But it took me time to actually get this.  Because I need it to play this. So my order from Amazon via Marketplace came today.  It’s the Playstation 4 Pro.  … Continue reading

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My Opinion On PS4 Pro Vs XBox One “Scorpio”

So PS4 Pro gets revealed & Microsoft goes on the attack on it.  Microsoft attacks Sony with their Xbox One S having what PS4 Pro is missing like 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive & being smaller.  They also mention how XBox … Continue reading

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Playstation Releases FAQ For Upcoming PS4 Pro

Sony recently released put up on their Playstation Blog the “Ultimate FAQ” for the upcoming Playstation 4 Pro.  Playstation says that they will answer questions about the PS4 Pro that are left on the comments section.  Basically about the hardware, … Continue reading

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Sony Releasing 2 New Playstation 4 SKUs This 2016 Year

The Playstation Meeting was shown today by Sony & the rumours of 2 PS4 consoles were shown.  The 1st PS4 is the PS4 slim (or the standard PS4).  It’s basically slimmer & less power consumption.  The same as the phat … Continue reading

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Who Won E3 2016? Microsoft Or Sony?

So, here’s my usual annual analysis of who I thought won E3 2016.  Let me say, it wasn’t an easy thing this year.  Let’s start with Microsoft. Microsoft’s press conference was full of information.  It started off with the introduction … Continue reading

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My Impressions Of Sony’s TGS Press Conference

Before I get into this, I should mention something first.  I didn’t watch the press conference as it was at midnight on my side of the world.  I had work today & I don’t want to stay up 1.5 hours … Continue reading

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