The Soul Of History Will Be Written For October 19 2018’s Haul (Soul Calibur VI)

Just got this from the door as I write this.  Came really late at night.  Pretty much a time where most people will be out for a night in the town.  Unless you are some gamer, this would not be a problem.

From Purolator & preordered from, this is Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur VI for the PS4.  I would have really wanted out on it on a sale, but Amazon had a sale for it during the E3 time period.  From $79.99 to $50.  So might as well get it at that good price; especially on release date.  I do not plan to play it right away since I have not started on Soul Calibur V, but at least I have the game in my collection.  I might open the package soon since there is something rattling loose inside.  I assume it is the game disc since instruction booklets are pretty much non-existent  at this point.  There might be a DLC code inside since there was a preorder bonus for it.  Not labelled on the package, but it might be inside.

Anyways, too tired to open it now since it’s late & I got work the next day.  I think there might be 1 more haul coming if it makes it in time.  Or else a bunch of stuff is coming next month.

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