Online Dating Site: JapanCupid Experience Part 5 (Special Add-On)

Like a broken record, JapanCupid is one of the site that is rarely used for this experiment.  I will be reporting if there is a change or progress happening.  Fortunately, there is slight progress.

I had someone take “interest” in me.  I kind of ignored it a bit since I get them a lot & they do not go anywhere due to the restrictions placed by JapanCupid.  But I do look to see who it is.  Many cases they tend to disappear due to scammers.  But I do have a few lately that do not disappear.  They tend to be genuine since they stick around.  But they are usually outside my range.  Age, location, & sometimes language.  In one case, I got one person from the interested list message me a week later.

This person is much older than me by roughly nine years & lives in Brazil.  From her picture, she seems to be a native Brazilian.  Also in her profile, she does not write in English.  Mainly Brazilian from the looks of it.  The message has a topic heading in English saying “I like your profile” & the content in the message preview is not in English.  Brazilian I think it is.  I know that topic heading is a template default that JapanCupid offers, so there is a high chance that she did not write it.  The site does offer a translation function, but it is no good to me since I cannot read the message.

Seeing this, it makes me wonder if that person actually read my profile.  Although I did not mention whether I speak Brazilian or not, I did specify that my language is English.  Also in my profile, I mention how I cannot read messages & did list my contacts on OkCupid & Plenty of Fish.  Before writing this post, I checked to see if the contacts are still there & it is.  Nevertheless, this person is real.  Why she took interest in me is unknown.

Days later, I got another person that took interest in me & sent me a message.  This person is also from Brazil & slightly older than me.  The profile is also in Brazilian.  The person messaged me in English though.  However, she is looking for a guy living in Japan.  So, I do not know why she would be interest in me.

Days later, I get someone from Japan doing the same thing.  Show interest & messaging.  A bit younger & types in English.  Looking for a friend is her purpose.  The profile picture does not too appealling to me.  It looks like one of those before & after beauty pictures that you would see on those Youtube videos labelling female K-Pop or J-Pop artists.  The before picture that is.

Based on the three messages, I get the feeling that these might be scammers.  Possibly good disguised scammers.  However, they may be genuine people just outside their requirements.  But upon thinking it over, I realized none of them have seen my profile since I did not receive any notifications that they did view it.  Unless there is a way to hide your tracks, I strongly do believe these are either scammers or people just randomly trying to find someone to talk to.

Because of the possibility of real people trying to contact me & JapanCupid not allowing free users to view messages, I am trying to figure out other ways to communicate with others without paying.  Again, I already have my contacts on the 2 other sites & my account is still safe.  I am thinking of trying to use the messaging system to my advantage, but I do not know if my idea will work as it will involve sending tons of messages to the same person at short time periods.  In other words, spamming.

JapanCupid will continue to be placed on the side & will be reported on if there are changes & findings discovered.  Again, I have little to no expectations on getting something here at the very most love.

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