February 7, 2018’s Haul Will Get Me Out Of Reality & Make Me Sick (Playstation VR Skyrim Bundle)

So I was shopping on Amazon.ca & I came across some chances to score me a Playstation VR bundle.  I missed out a couple of times as I tried to redeem some points to get some Amazon.ca gift cards.  Strangely, there are a lot of bundles going cheap from their warehouse deals.  A lot of cases were damages here & there.  Some of them have major to medium damage.  I manage to score one with no damage mentioned.  Just possible repackaging.  See how it is much cheaper to get this than the retail price of $600, I took the chance.  Here’s how it looks like.

Repackaged indeed.  The box suffers from medium to major damage from the top flip.  By the way, this is the Skyrim bundle.  I went for this since it has the Move controllers.  I have my old PS3 Move controllers, but I figured might as well get another set since this is an update version of it.  Might be better than what I have.  Plus, my old Move controllers haven’t been used for a long time.  So there may be some battery leakage of not holding its charge.  I’m not a Elder Scroll fan, but this bundle has the best deal.

Anyways, I don’t mind the damage on the box.  My concern is the VR headset being good condition or not.  Luckily, the box is indeed repackaged as nothing inside has been opened.  But I have some issues of blurriness using the headset.  It’s okay from a certain distance.  But when it gets too close to my eyes, things seem out of focus.  I read that this problem is common & can be fixed.  I just don’t remember how.

Anyways, I did do a test run to see if it would make me sick since I can’t deal with first person shooters.  Went from slow still things like static areas to less to medium dramatic things like moving around place at a normal to fast pace.  Strangely enough, I didn’t feel sick.  I did feel a bit hot at times.  Probably because things got too close to me at times.  But overall, I’m okay.

So this purchase wasn’t a bad one.  Although I didn’t spend too much real money on it, it was a safe purchase nevertheless.  I’m happy about it.  Cause selling it back out would be hard with that damaged box (even though nothing inside has been opened) & shipping it back for a refund would a hassle.

In the end, I’m keeping it.  So, I will be getting Summer Lesson! All 3 episodes of it!  =D

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