Second Trailers For Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Released

Today, Atlus Japan released news about Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night was shown during their Persona event in Japan.  Although with news of Persona 5 The Animation & the name of Persona 5’s hero, 2 trailers of the Dancing games were shown.  If you remember, the games are being released for PS4 & PS Vita.

First, Persona 5 Dancing Star Night:

In the trailer, Joker’s name is Ren Amamiya.  The name Akira Kurusu is no longer canon as most people think.  The name Ren is being used for this game & the anime show as well.  So, it’s official.  Sucks for me since I have been using Akira as my name for the 1st & currently 2nd playthrough of Persona 5.

Anyways, the game showed the full cast of characters of the Phantom Thieves.  Velvet Room attendants Justine & Caroline are shown in what looks like a story mode.  There was a previous mentioning before that both dancing games will not have story modes since there were concerns about where those games fit in their respective series timeline.  The trailer is narrated by Futaba Sakura & Morgana.

The music has a list of DJs doing the remix of the game’s soundtrack.  There are a couple that I recognize & happy to see.  I’m liking the music so far.

Next is Persona 3 Dancing Star Night:

The Persona 3 Hero’s name is Yuki Makoto.  The same name that was used in the movies.  So, it remains canon & official.  Like the previous trailer, it shows the game’s “full” cast.  Missing from the Persona 3 series are Shinjiro Aragaki & Koromaru.  Reasons possibly being that SPOILERS Shinjiro is dead END SPOILERS & Koromaru is a dog with no human form to dance in.

However, the trailer was narrated by 2 Velvet Room attendants: Elizabeth & Theodore.  If you know your P3 stuff, Theodore is from Persona 3 Portable & appears from the female Hero’s story path & not Yuki’s.  Theodore is not from the canon path officially & yet his voice is in the trailer.  So, it may be possible that there are some characters not shown in the trailer.  Also with the game showing some sort of story/visual novel parts, it could be possible something more there.  Justine & Caroline were shown in the P5DSN trailer & the P3 Velvet Room attendants were not here.

As for the music, the list of DJs is different than P5DSN’s list.  There are a couple that I know & like to see.  The music so far is more uplifting than I thought.  A bit on the fence on it.

Both games are coming out on May 24, 2018.  Both PS4& PS Vita versions will have special edition bundles in what looks like DLC costumes & 4 CD soundtrack (not sure if it’s full or not). The PS4 version will have 1 extra thing I see. It will come with a Persona 4 Dancing All Night download code for PS4.  So a port of the PS Vita game.  Not sure if it will be a redo as I heard the timing of the notes are off which turned off some people from the game.

Speaking of the gameplay, both P3DMN & P5DSN show the same gameplay style as P4DAN.  If it is the same as P4, it may be a problem.  It looks like there are some new mechanics, but I’m not sure as I haven’t played P4DAN yet.

As for the models, they look the same as shown in the previous trailer & they look good; especially the P3 characters.  Dance styles are different for each which I like.  Also, the game logos look nice even though they are simple.

Anyways, there is no North American release date for now since it’s Japan first.  But I’m still hyped for the games.  Of course, the OSTs will be in my CD collection & money will be thrown once preorders are available.

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