Catherine Full Body Announced for PS4 & PS Vita

Weeks ago, Atlus’ new studio Studio Zero made an announcement in looking to hire people to make their new game PROJECT Re FANTASY.  The announcement was hosted by Trisha from Catherine.  At the end of the announcement, Trisha gets surprised about getting hired to work on something that people thought was a sequel to Catherine.

A couple days ago, Atlus announces Catherine Full Body for the PS4 & PS Vita.  It’s not Catherine 2 or a sequel.  It’s a remake of the original game as it has a lot of new stuff.   It has new anime events, new gameplay puzzle mechanics, online mode, more sexy events, & more.  It’s pretty much a director’s cut or 1.5 version of the game like how Persona 3 FES is to Persona 3 & Persona 4 Golden to Persona 4. The subtitle Full Body is a wine term.

It also has a 3rd Catherine named Rin.  She acts an a middle point between the 2 other Catherines.  The game is being made by Studio Zero.  If you remember, Studio Zero is formed & made up of some former P Studio members.  P Studio made the original game, so Full Body is being handled almost by the same team.

After the news & screenshots were shown, a trailer later dropped:

The voice cast seems to be the same from the original game.  Vincent seems a little off.  I haven’t played the Japanese game for a long time, so I may be wrong.  But I assume it’s the same seiyu.  I haven’t checked yet.

The animation quality & graphics looks the same as the original.  It may be upscaled a bit.  Hard to tell since it seems to be running off the same game engine.

At the end of the trailer, people seem to think Rin may be transgender based on Vincent’s shocked reaction.  So far, Atlus referred Rin as a girl with no mentioning of transgender.  If they spoiled it upfront in the first trailer like that, you will lose the element of surprise.  If you played the original game & seen all the endings, this surprise isn’t much of a surprise anyways.

The game has a release date of next winter & is 50% completed. In other words, around the December 2018 mark.  I think this is the same month that the original game was released in Japan.  Of course, no North American release date.

If the game does come here, it will probably have the voice work redone since the voice actors for Vincent (Troy Baker) & Catherine (Laura Bailey) seem to be steering away from Japanese/anime based games.  Since not redoing their Persona 4 roles in the newer games, they haven’t done anything anime related games as they have been focused on AAA western games.  Chances are Matthew Mercer & Ashly Burch will replace those two.  Matthew replaced Troy for Kanji in P4 Golden onwards & Ashley took over Laura’s Rise role.

Anyways, I will probably buy the Japanese version of the game again unless the English version (if it does come out) has Japanese voiceovers.  I will buy both PS4 & PS Vita versions for the English release if it does come out.  For the Japanese version, PS4 version it is. If they have LE version, I’m on it.

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