Hauls From December 3 & 4, 2017 Teaches Me The Lesson Of The Force (Sphero R2-D2 & Force Band)

As you may remember from my previous post, I am stuck with a old laptop & postings on this blog & my main site is very minimal.  But I will continue to post hauls when I get the chance.

So Canada Post is going Christmas mode where they will be doing package deliveries 7 days a week.  I give my praise & support for their hard work during this busy season.  I missed out my first haul which was yesterday December 3.  I was at work & had to pick it up on the same day surprisingly.  Was thinking that I need to pick it up today.  So what came first?

It’s Sphero’s R2-D2 from the Star Wars series.  After getting BB-8, I decided to get this.  I admit BB-8 isn’t too much fun since it’s mainly a Sphero ball with a head & I don’t do much programming.  But R2-D2 is a bit more fun as it is a droid that I kind of grew up with during my childhood.  The Star Wars didn’t make much sense to me as a kid though.  It was mainly the robots & fights that I got me in.  But like BB-8, this thing will probably get old for me.  So, I get this next haul today.

Also from the Star Wars series & Sphero product line, it’s the Force Band.  This came as a free gift from Best Buy.  They got a promo where you buy a Star Wars droid, you get a Force Band for free.  The band is $100 worth from Best Buy & R2-D2 was on sale for $170.  So it’s kind of buying R2-D2 for $70.  I was interested in the Force Band before, but the price threw me off.

Playing around with the Force Band, it is kind of interesting & tough.  It’s got a bunch of other features, but I don’t think I will be doing those things.  Mainly find stuff in an environment like AR & “shadow” fighting with lightsabers & plasma guns.  Pretty much stuff that kids will probably get a kick out of.  But being a guy with low interest, I will probably get bored with these things fast.

I do expect more hauls coming this month.  But the time I will post about them will probably be slow.  Again, lack of equipment.  I could try the apps for tablets & phones, but it will be a bit hard for me since I’m one of those people that prefer physical keyboards for long typing.  And I don’t know how to type.

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