September 27, 2017: My Fate Has Been Sealed (Mousepad)

So I go to work today.  First day back in a week.  I get an early birthday present which was left behind.  Didn’t know who gave it & what was inside.  Put aside & decided to look later.  When I finally decided to see what’s inside, I was surprised to see this.

When I saw this, I was in awe.  Never would I expect to get a gift like this.  I don’t know if anyone would give something like this as a gift.  Unlike you decide to make it a joke item.

I have been off the anime train for quite some time, but I do try to keep up on some of the latest trends.  Just no time for it these days.  But I don’t think this character is from anything.  Looks generic.  Possible chance it comes from some hentai stuff since it has that 3D model approach.   But it’s one of those cheap knockoff mousepads that got on the oppai trend & stole the image from somewhere.

Don’t know if I plan to use it since the work space area is small.  Got use to free forming my mouse around which made me stop using mousepads for a long time.  I got an official one oppai mousepad from the DOAX 3 LE for the PS Vita & I never used it.  Maybe this one will be the one?  The materials are probably different & the feel as well.

I should stop here.

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