Do I Wanna For September 15, 2017’s Haul? (Perfume If you wanna LE)

I kind of forgot about this.  So what is this thing that I forgot about?

It’s Perfume’s If you wanna single.  This is the LE version with a DVD & special packaging.  There is another LE without special packaging.  I think the special packaging has a “case” to hold the discs.  The other LE is a sleeve case which is weird.  It seems Perfume is running out of ideas at this point.  I haven’t heard this single yet, but yet I buy it.  Mainly to show my continuous support like a hardcore fanboy which I’m not since I do have some songs that I don’t like from them.

I don’t think I have anything else coming in this month.  Pretty slow really & I haven’t been buying a bunch of things lately.  Trying to save money on some important stuff.

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