It’s August 31, 2017 & It’s Finally Here (Leo Ieiri: Zutto, Futari de LEs)

It’s August 31.  The last Leo Ieiri shipment from CDJapan came on August 1.  Not too bad compare to my previous shipments from Chinese speaking Asia areas.  But they still need to step up their game!

So what Leo Ieiri stuff came in from Yesasia?

It’s 2 limited edition versions of Zutto, Futari de.  One comes with a DVD which is the left one.  The right one is basically a regular edition due to the cover image, but it comes with a goodie which is a mobile strap.  I do hate it when this happens.  I understand that it is for choice of variety, but hardcore fans would get them both.  I ain’t hardcore, but I’m close to it since I’m mainly supporting Leo.

Anyways, that’s all for this month.  I did get a pair of shoes these past days.  Don’t know if they are interesting enough to put up though.  I’ll think about it & see if I want to post it or not.  They will probably be wore out by then.  Also if not enough content is up here, I may consider it.

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