August 1 2017 Marks The First Haul Of The Month (Leo Ieiri 5th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan BD)

Well, I did somewhat of a test in regards of the mailing service in Asia.  Not really a test since what I really did was buy things from 2 different online stores that were releasing on the same day.  One from CDJapan & the other from Yesasia.  The one from CDJapan came first.  Do note that all the items were shipped on the same day as well.  So what came first?

It’s Leo Ieiri 5th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan.  This is the Blu-Ray version.  Strange to me that they did the cover like that.  Like all my Japanese concert disc, I’m probably not going to watch this.  Brought it to show support for Leo.  Looking at the track list, it is quite lengthy.  Not a bad concert from my view.

The other item in question is Leo’s latest single.  I preordered that from Yesasia.  So far, I been experience problems with shipments coming from Asia.  Right now, it is Chinese speaking areas in Asia.  I got problems from China mainly.  Now, Hong Kong with Yesasia.  I rarely have problems with them.  Now the past 2 shipments with them, there have been major delays.  Not sure where the problem lies.  Starting today, I’m going to see how long it takes for that single to come to me.

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