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It’s August 31, 2017 & It’s Finally Here (Leo Ieiri: Zutto, Futari de LEs)

It’s August 31.  The last Leo Ieiri shipment from CDJapan came on August 1.  Not too bad compare to my previous shipments from Chinese speaking Asia areas.  But they still need to step up their game! So what Leo Ieiri … Continue reading

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My Thoughts About Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

A few weeks ago, Atlus Japan announced Persona 5 The Animation.  It was expected given that there was 2 Persona 4 anime shows, the Persona 3 movies, & a Persona 5 OVA.  Personally, I’m not a fan of the P5 … Continue reading

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The Haul Is Finally Here On August 4, 2017 (Taeyeon My Voice Deluxe Edition & tofubeats FANTASY CLUB)

Took a long time to get these.  There seems to be a big problem with Chinese Asian countries in terms of shipping.  So what was I waiting for from Yesasia? First is Taeyeon’s My Voice Deluxe Edition.  This is the … Continue reading

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August 1 2017 Marks The First Haul Of The Month (Leo Ieiri 5th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan BD)

Well, I did somewhat of a test in regards of the mailing service in Asia.  Not really a test since what I really did was buy things from 2 different online stores that were releasing on the same day.  One … Continue reading

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