PS4 LE Unboxing: Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition

This is the first PS4 LE Unboxing post.  What a great way to start it with a stylish game.  Was going to do this much sooner, but time wasn’t friendly with me.  Plus, I’m currently on my 2nd playthrough on this game.  Like it says “take your time.”

Today, we are going to unbox Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition by Atlus.

The back side of the tall box.

Removing the box sleeve, you get this nice box full of artwork.  The front side has the 4 starting characters.

The bottom part of the box.  It shows the remaining 4 characters.  If you didn’t notice, the character’s Personas are shown behind them.

The box opens & close with a magnetic lid.  Opening it, you will first see the Morgana plush & artbook.  To my surprise, the artbook is placed in a plastic bag.  Not sealed though.

Removing the artbook, you will see the remaining items.  You see the CD OST, the game in a Steelbook, & the bag.  Let’s look at each item.

First, the artbook.  The artbook is called Persona 5 Art Book The Aesthetics.  It has a nice amount of artwork with some potential spoilers.  However, it’s not as good as the Japanese official artbook.

The next item is the Morgana plush.  I think it is 6″ tall.  Kind of cute too & seems nicely made based on the stitched eyes.

Just like the game, this plush is designed for ages 17 & up.  Also, it’s flammable.  To my surprise, this plush is made by Sunrise Co, Ltd.  I never knew that they make toys too.

This mini CD is a selection of songs from the game’s OST.  The CD is called Sounds of Rebellion.  I didn’t know that Toshiki Konishi was also composing music for the game.  I thought Shoji Meguro was doing the whole thing.

A list of tracks on this CD sleeve.

Next, the game.  This is the Steelbook edition.  This is the same one as the first press run of the game.

Opening the Steelbook, this is what the front & back looks like.

The inside.

The inside with the game disc removed.

The last item is the Shujin Academy schoolbag. I didn’t open the bag for the sake of space in my room.  If you want details of the bag, Atlus did explain it a bit in their official unboxing video.  But from first glance in person, the bag is not a high quality bag.  It’s a standard kind of bag.  As the guys in Atlus mention, it’s not wise to put a laptop or dedicated items in due to the lack of protection inside.

There you have it.  The unboxing of Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition.  There isn’t much inside, but it does live up the “Premium” label with the nice goods inside.  Nice packaging & presentation, but not as great as the other LEs I’ve seen from North America like the Call of Duty games or other AAA titles.  But good enough at least.

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