Who Won E3 2017? Microsoft or Sony?

It’s E3 2017 this week & 2 of the most important press conferences went & gone.  To my surprise, Microsoft did their press conference on Sunday instead of Monday.  A day early instead of a few hours earlier than Sony’s press conference.  Very strange as it would give Sony more time to prepare their press conference to outdo Microsoft’s.  But what I did I think about the conferences?  Let’s start with Microsoft.

I didn’t really paid a lot of attention to the Microsoft press conference, but I did get some of the details.  A large chunk of it was focused on XBox One X (aka Project Scorpio).  The details on the console isn’t anything new from what we heard before.  Overall, it’s the powerful console on the market right now.  Games were shown in 4K to the audience & viewers at home with 4K setups.  There were new games announced, including exclusives.  Also, updates on past announced games last year were shown.  The biggest thing to take out of the conference is the XBox One X’s tech details & price which is US$499 (CDN $599).

On Sony’s side, it’s the same format as last year.  Less time & more games shown non-stop.  Not many new game announcements shown as a large chunk of it is on updates on games announced last year.  Playstation VR had its time with new games shown.  The whole thing was focused on games.

So, which one won?  In my option, it was Microsoft hands down.  The public announcement of XBox One X & the games running on it was definitely the show stopper.  New games were announced & some of them were exclusives.  But the down side on that conference was that some of the games are not true exclusives.  They were console launch exclusive or timed exclusive.  The conference caused a lot of confusion with the word exclusive being thrown away.

Sony’s conference seemed lazy.  It was like they gave up & couldn’t get anything from a large number of 3rd parties.  Thus, Microsoft takes it in my books.

I don’t plan to do my usual Day X of E3 2017 this year.  Mainly because of time for me.  But I will talk about XBox One X & my opinion about it later.

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