It’s May 3, 2017 & It’s Finally Here! (Taeyeon Vol. 1 – My Voice Fine Version & I Got Love Version)

What I thought was a couple of days from my posters arrival turned into a couple of months.  I contacted Yesasia about not receiving the other half of my shipment & they did a reshipment.  Usually it doesn’t take this long for something to arrive from them.  Anyways, if you forgot what it was, here it is.

It’s Taeyeon Vol. 1 – My Voice.  Her first full solo album.  I brought both versions.  The one on the left is the I Got Love version & the right is the Fine version.  I think the difference between the 2 versions is the cover & the attached photobook.  For songs, there is no difference.  However, it seems that the record company wants you to buy both as the spine for both “books” makes it complete.

The words “My Voice” fits nicely together.  Although the words bends over on the other side, it makes the spine of the books to look better.

While I finally got these CDs, there is a deluxe version out now.  While I was waiting, that new version upsets me.  It has 3 additional songs & 1 of the songs is 1 that I want.  Cause of that, I brought that.  But I won’t get it anytime soon since I got it ordered with a preorder item.  So, I should get that next month if things got smoothly.

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