Atlus Softens Up Persona 5 Gameplay Videos & Streaming Restrictions

A couple of weeks back when Atlus released Persona 5 outside of Japan, they set up some streaming restrictions for the game.  If you don’t remember what they are, it was basically you can’t stream past 7/7 (July 7) & some other parts like character transformations, endings of dungeons, etc.  If you did that, you risk getting a copyright/content strike or account suspension.  The idea is to enjoy the game without being spoiled by the internet.

Today, Atlus decided to loosen up the restrictions a bit due to the large negative response.  The restriction is now set to 11/19 which is the start of the final act in the main story according to Atlus.  Although the date has been extended, the other restrictions in the middle seems to be the same as nothing is mentioned about them.  Also, the PS4 sharing function is still disabled.

With the restriction being near the game end, I don’t think this will do much for some people.  One reason is that some people have completed the game already.  Unless you start the game late, I don’t see some people that completed the game to stream it now.  They know the story & ending, so they may not want to go though it again.  The ones that will stream it will probably be the ones that have yet started.  If they are people like me that haven’t completed the game yet but is currently playing it, they probably won’t stream the middle part of the game.

Another reason is the PS4 sharing still being disabled.  Unless you have an external device to do it, some people may not invest into this idea.

In the end, the restriction lift is pretty useless.  Just enjoy the game.

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