April 11, 2016’s Haul Will Make Me Go Pro (Playstation 4 Pro)

Well, it won’t make me MLG or a pro gamer.  But it took me time to actually get this.  Because I need it to play this.

So my order from Amazon via Marketplace came today.  It’s the Playstation 4 Pro.  Brought it with a bunch of Amazon gift cards & found at a bit of a cheaper price.  It was $30 cheaper.  Better than nothing.  Still need to pay a bit of cash for it.  Looking it up close, the thing isn’t as big as I thought.  The box at least.

I don’t know if I will be setting this up today.  My house is changing service providers for TV, landline phone, & internet.  So no point in me setting it up now until the tech guys gets here & finish the jobs.  Also, I need to see if I have a HDI cable around the house.  I know the PS4 Pro comes with a HDMI cable, but I need more 1 since I’m connecting the console to a amplifier sound system which then connects to the TV.  I can’t leave the house to buy a cable if I don’t have one since I need to wait for the tech guys & stay while their around.  Plus, I need to redo my router & devices to get them back online.

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