Atlus Gets Strict On Persona 5 Gameplay Videos & Streaming

On the day of release for Persona 5, Atlus wants everyone to enjoy the game.  At some level.  Atlus has put some rules out from the bosses from Japan HQ (from what they say) for Persona 5.  The rules are here.

Long story short, Atlus doesn’t want you to stream or put gameplay videos up for Persona 5.  The main part about it is not to go past the game’s date of July 7.  Before that is okay with some limitations.  Also talking about it is limited as well.  The main reason is to not spoil the game’s story.  Basically Atlus wants people to enjoy the game themselves.  Failure to obey the rules can lead to content ID strike or getting your account banned.

Personally, I think the rules have some good & bad.  The good thing is avoid spoilers on the net & enjoy the game yourself.  Bad thing about it is probably a marketing standpoint.  Limiting the spoilers is practically having let’s players giving Atlus free advertisement on the game & “forcing” people to buy the game & probably a PS3 or PS4 console if the viewer doesn’t have one.

In reality, Atlus cannot catch everyone.  As I type, there are videos up & coming up where people have broken the rules.  There are so many people working for Atlus versus millions of let’s players.  Atlus has done this before for the Japanese release to prevent spoilers going outside of Japan.  They have content strike people & they did that before for Persona 4 Dancing All Night for the music.  For sure, Atlus will hunt & watch out for people breaking the rules.

However, I don’t believe it’s a permanent thing.  This is most likely a timed thing.  After a few months, the rules will be removed after a good chuck of people have completed the game.  It’s only a matter of when.  For me, I won’t be streaming.  But I was hoping to watch let’s play of the game in English since I will play the game in Japanese.

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