Persona 5, Persona 5, PERSONA 5! AHHHH!!!! (Persona 5 Take Your Heart Premium Edition)

I was waiting out on a different haul which I thought was coming very soon, but to my surprise it hasn’t yet.  Instead, I get this which makes me scream like a high school girl meeting her idol.

My preorder from Best Buy arrived on day 1 of release.  It’s Persona 5 for the PS4 by Altus.  This is the Premium Edition of the game which is called Take Your Heart.  The game is available for PS3, a console I own, but I decided to got the PS4 route for better performance & visuals for this stylish game.  Yet, I don’t have a PS4.  So it’s time to get one.  All this time, I was waiting out for something for the PS4 Pro.  Waiting out on a price drop, sale, hardware refreshing, colour, etc.  Yet, nothing happened.  I’m going to wait it out this week to see if there are any sales.  If not, full price it is.

Anyways, the LE for this game has a CD OST, artbook, a SteelBook for the game disc, a school bag, & a 4″ Morgana plush.  All in a nice magnetic box.  If the PS3 version had a LE, I would have gone for that.  Instead, the LE is only PS4.  Thus another reason I went PS4.

Time to go PS4 Pro hunting!  AHHHH!!!!

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