My Opinion On Beauty and the Beast Performed By Ariana Grande And John Legend

This past week, Disney Music released the music video for Beauty and the Beast as performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend.  The original Beauty and the Beast animation movie was a masterpiece that broke a lot of barriers by having a lot of big nominations & awards that wasn’t common for an animated film at its time.  One of them was the music soundtrack.  It was beautiful & still reminds so today.

So when I heard about the main theme song Beauty and the Beast was used again for the live action movie, I was interested to know what it would sound like.  When I heard it was going to be sung by Ariana Grande & John Legend, I was a bit interested.  Since I don’t listen to mainstream English songs very much these days, I only based my assumption on what I know about the 2 artists.  I know Ariana is more modern & trendy pop, but has an amazing vocal range.  John is mainly slow ballads.  Combining the 2 together, it made an interesting pairing in my mind.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, here it is:

Listening to it, the song isn’t too bad.  But not great in my opinion.  The song starts out great, but it goes off course just when Ariana’s part about to end & shift to John’s.  It becomes a roller coaster at the point for me.  It has some nice parts & some bad/weird parts.  Growing up with the original version that was performed  by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson, I was a bit sadden on how the current version sounds like. But I won’t compare the 2 here.  I’m just going to say what I heard.

The new/current version seems fast & choppy.  It starts off with a slow & soft feeling.  When it gets to the middle, it feels like the song was being rushed based on how the artists are singing.  The singing between the 2 artists have good chemistry.  But the performance on this type of song seems off.  It feels like a pop song that was rushed out & not practiced enough.  It’s like it’s between a demo version to a final version.  It’s in the middle.  What made me feel that way is how some of the words are connected in a sharp matter.  Not sure if its the autotuning.

Also, it feels somewhat loud.  When I say loud, I don’t mean the sounds being too noisy. It’s like the song is very bold & putting itself out there like a whatever matter.  Thus, not fitting the mood for me.  It could be the artists being young & aiming towards a young audience.  Kind of like what sounds good versus what feels good.

If you haven’t heard the original, here it is:

The original is more soft & slow.  Although it has that pop feel, it has a more classical approach to fit the theme.  I won’t go anymore as it may seem like I favour the original to the new version which I don’t want to do.  Chances are the younger audience will find this version to be slow & boring though.  They may not know these 2 artists.  Celine might be a name thrown around, but Peabo will probably be a “who?” person though.

Now if I heard the new version first, I would still say the same thing.  The song is ok, but not a personal favourite that you will find in any of my playlists.  Again, this is my personal opinion.  I’m sure there are people out there that like this version.  I like the Ariana & John combo, but it doesn’t seem to fit for this song.  The live action movie isn’t only targeted to the older audience like me that seen the original animation movie, it also aims to draw in a new & younger generation.  The typical Disney approach from going generation to generation.

If you want to describe how I compare the 2 versions, I would say that the Celine & Peabo version is “Beauty” while the Ariana & John version is the “Beast”.

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