February 14, 2017 Brings A Dreamy Love Haul. Maybe? (Suzy & Baek Hyun: Dream & Suzy The 1st Mini Album: Yes? No?)

So today’s Valentine’s Day.  My preorder from Yesasia arrived today that contain music with love & sadness.

wp-1487107822299.jpgFrom the left, Suzy The 1st mini album Yes? No?.  On the other side, it’s Suzy & Baek Hyun Dream.  If you are familiar with Korean music, both are from miss A’s Suzy.  If you are more familiar than me, I heard that miss A is no more as it has been disbanded.  Don’t know if it’s true or not.  If so, again I am late in the game in learning about a group that the singer is from.  Baek Hyun is from EXO which is still around.

I was getting the mini album after curiously listening to the first single.  Dream was a last minute thing to again get the free shipping offer.  The song took some time in getting use to since it’s more jazzy than what I’ve been listening to these days.

The size of the mini album is pretty big.  It comes with a random card & a photobook.  The packaging seems to be unique & I’ve yet to open it.

wp-1487107806816.jpgFrom the looks of it, the album is between 2 pieces of cardboard with the book in he middle.  The book looks like it’s bind with strings on the pages, but not on the cardboard.  Not sure if the cardboard acts as the hardcover for the book or just for packaging.

Another item should be coming soon which is the poster for Suzy’s mini album.  I don’t know what it looks like.  Could be the same image as the CD cover for all I know.

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