January 20, 2017’s Artsy Haul Has 1 Word: PERSONA!!!!! (Persona 5 Official Design Works Artbook & Persona 5 Original Soundtrack)

So I had a preorder set up with CDJapan a few months back & they sent me an email a couple of days ago.  They said that my SAL shipping option is a no good due to the size of the order.  I had to pay 4500 yen more to upgrade to EMS.  Without thinking, I paid up.  I thought it was a different order.  I discovered afterwards that I could have saved money if I cancelled my CDJapan order & go with YesAsia instead.  But CDJapan has been good to me, so I stayed with them.  But I didn’t expect it to arrive this fast.

wp-1484968565358.jpgSo this is the size of the package.  Big in length.  What’s inside?

wp-1484968617141.jpgIt’s Persona 5 stuff.  The left is the Persona 5 Official Design Works artbook published by enterbrain.  The right is the Persona 5 Original Soundtrack.  Looking at the 2 items, you would probably think why the big box.  You could just stack the CDs on top of the artbook to save space.  That’s not really the case.

Apparently the artbook is huge.  When I was wondering why the EMS shipping, I thought there might be a bonus item with the order.  But when I saw the description of the artbook, I was in shock.  The book has 512 pages.  That’s insane.  But as the cover of the artbook says, it does have over 500 pages.  Just look how thick it is!

wp-1484968617140.jpgThat is thick.  I don’t think I’ve seen an artbook that thick in my life.  No wonder the game took so long to make.  Sad that the book is soft cover & not hard.  Would protect the book from damage & its shape as well.  Something that heavy could warp when the book is sitting on an uneven surface.  I only skim some parts of the book, since I haven’t played the game yet.  The book might have some spoiler images in there.

More stuff incoming this month!

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