My Thoughts On Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017

A little late to the party cause of a frustrating work week.  Anyways, Nintendo finally showed off the Switch in a presentation in Japan.  This post will focus on my thoughts of the presentation.

I was surprised that Nintendo went with a stage approach like how Sony & Microsoft do their press conferences.  Usually it’s done in a pre-recorded video form.  A nice surprise & great to see how the crowd will react live.  But there was no crowd shots in the presentation.

First is the price.  I was a bit off on it & bundled it wrong in my prediction.  I said that it will come in 2 bundles at US$299 for a system & 2 Joy Cons & US$349 with the dock & Joy Con pad.  The system is US$299 & comes in 1 package.  Even though there is 2, there is no difference expect for the Joy Con being neon colours in 1 of the packages.  The price is the same for all.  The package comes with a charger, 2 Joy Cons, a Joy Con pad, a dock, HDMI cable, USB Type C cable, & 2 Joy Con straps.

Although I did say US$299 before, I think it is a bit expensive.  To me, it’s a basically a large portable console still.  Larger than a smartphone & smaller than a tablet.  I’ll explain more about this area later.

New information about the Joy Con was revealed.  It has HD rumble which is basically rumble vibrations having stronger or weaker vibrations with patterns.  One Joy Con has a IR scanner that is able to read gestures from the looks of it.  For example, it can tell if you are putting out rock, paper, or scissor.  Also, it has gyro/motion sensor.  There are also hidden shoulder buttons on the “side” when you pull the Joy Con out of the pad.  One Joy Con has a share feature button which takes screenshot of your gameplay & will record video in the future.  The other Joy Con has home button with NPC feature.

The Switch will not be region-locked.  A first for Nintendo & a great thing.  There will be online features which will be free during the first few months.  In the fall, it will turn into a pay service.  I think this is also a first for Nintendo.

As for the games, there were I think about 5 or 6 games that was shown with release date windows.  For the 3rd party side, it is said that 0ver 80 games are in development.  Games shown by them are in early stages or planning.  Some of the reps from those companies expressed excitement for developing games for the system.  But they had no games in mind or to announce.  However, there were only 2 games announced in the presentation that will launch along side with the Switch which is March 3.

That’s pretty much the presentation.  Although I did throw in my thoughts in the mind a bit, I’m going to say my impression now.  I wasn’t too impress with it.  The new thing we were shown about the system is the Joy Con features that wasn’t show in the reveal trailer.  However, the OS of the Switch & its tech specs wasn’t really explained.  You see it, but they don’t talk about it.

The second thing is the price.  Again, it’s a bit high.  The Switch is really a portable updated Wii with a screen.  Plus, the game library is really small right now.  The only games announced at launch was 1-2-Switch & The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.  I know there is more that was announced outside the presentation, but this post is only about what was seen in the presentation.  But if you only know the 2 games, you may not want to put money down for a system for 2 games that you may not like.

Speaking of games, I am still doubtful on the 3rd party side.  A lot of their games are still in early stages or not even started.  The companies that weren’t on stage nor show anything, I felt they are still iffy about the system like the Wii U generation.

Anyways, I felt that the presentation was a 5 out of 10.  The game lineup is weak during the launch cycle.  Plus, the amount of games in the future looks doubtful.  The specs & OS wasn’t explained in detail.  The paying for online features can be a problem for people that experience this kind of service before from Nintendo.  Also, the price is a bit high which can be a concern for parents looking to buy a gaming console for their kids.  The console is mainly a Wii on the go.  No real new advancement in tech.

Plus side though, it’s portable & the design is pretty cool.  Although not a new thing in the gaming world that we haven’t seen before, but it’s pretty neat.  The system has a lot of potential even though it’s a small upgrade from previous Nintendo systems.

Will I buy a Switch?  No.  Mainly because of games.  Nothing really interest me.  Plus if you add in the information that was provided after the presentation via web, I would be more turned off.  I did hear a lot of negative stuff about the Switch, but yet a lot of people will still buy it interestingly enough.

Will the Switch sell out?  Yes.  But I don’t think it will do Wii numbers.  However, it will do better than the Wii U.  That’s my opinion, not fact mind you

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