Since 1999 This Haul For November 18, 2016 Has A Lot Of Mixed Feelings (PS Vita Root Letter)

Was excepting this to come in this week & I wasn’t surprised.  But what I am surprised it the reviews of the item itself.  So what is it?

wp-1479514724172.jpgIt’s Root Letter from Kadokawa Games & published by pqube outside of Asia.  This game is part of Kadokawa Games Mystery series that will have other games to come in this series.  That is if this game does well enough.

I got this game from Video Games Plus.  I wanted the cool LE version that is only available from pqube’s website, but I had to deal with this.  VGP is the only retailer that carries the physical copy of this game for Canada & pretty much US as well.  The LE version is pretty much the same version as the Japanese one which I like.  But if you want pqube physical games with bonuses like this, VGP is pretty much the only place to get them in North America.

Anyways, the game comes with an artbook.  It’s thick, but I thought it was a hardcover for some reason.  It’s like the same as the Gal*Gun game I got as well.  The artbook was suppose to be a preorder bonus, but I manage to get it without preordering.  I ordered the game on the day of release.  The reason why I held out was because of the reviews.  I heard that the game got bad reviews in Japan.  But yet, the game is reviewed positively here by most reviewers.  So confusing to see which to believe.  I wanted to wait for the price drop, but the artbook was tempting.

The drawings are by Minoboshi Taro.  The guy that did the character designs for Love Plus.  But I made a mistake in looking at it.  I missed the first page that said that the book contains spoilers.  Glancing at the book, I was surprised on what the game is.  I had a different image about it initially.

This should be the last thing to come this month.  Not sure if I do have anything to come next month.

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