No Love From Persona 5 Cause It’s Delayed To April 4, 2017

Earlier today, Altus has a livestream for the English version of Persona 5.  During that stream, they released a Ryoji Sakamoto PS4 theme which is only available for 24 hours (probably much less when this post is up).  Also, there was big news.  Persona 5 has been delayed to April 4, 2017.  No Valentine’s Day release anymore.

However, the game will now has dual audio for both PS3 & PS4 versions.  But it will be free DLC.  This will be the first Persona game to feature dual audio.  I know Persona 4 Arena has dual audio, but that’s not an actual Persona game as it is a fighting game with a side story that continues from the main story.  So Atlus has listened to the fans.

The reason for the delay doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere.  Rumours are saying that the localization team got the script late & some of the lines had be to re-do (audio side) as well.  Adding dual audio won’t cause such a big delay really.  I think the localization team has hit a snag somewhere or want to polish up the game more.  You seen the English font?  It stands out pretty bad.  Also, it could be possible that a PS4 Pro patch is being worked on in Japan.  If it does exist, the localization team is probably going to patch it in the game disc.

For most, this delay will probably hurt a lot of people.  With the game out in Japan for about 2 months now, people will be avoiding spoilers on the internet hard.  People have completed the game & spoiling the endings already.  So 2 more months of media blackout for some.  Also with the time frame of games being released in Japan then outside being smaller, this delay makes it really big.  The gap is around 7 months apart now.

For me, I don’t mind too much.  But, I am a bit disappointed.  However, it will give me time to complete Persona 4 Golden which I haven’t started yet.  Currently on a 2nd playthrough on Persona 3 FES.  Trying to get the other social links that I missed out in the 1st playthrough.  But I’m taking too long on it.  I should start on P4 ASAP.

Also, it gives more time to see if the PS4 Pro will drop in price by then.  Also, a “new” version of it may come out then.  Like having a 4K Blu-Ray drive for example.  Who knows.

Anyways, adding more time to the waiting game now.

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