My Thoughts On Nintendo Switch

So Nintendo finally revealled what the NX is.  It is officially called Switch.  If you haven’t seen the reveal video, here is it:

Before I get into my thoughts, I should explain a small thing about my gaming self.

If you have been reading my posts, you probably see me as Sony fanboy for games even though I put a fair opinion for the PS family & its competitors.  However, my first start on gaming console was the Famicom (the Japanese version of NES).  Spent my time on that thing & later upgraded to the Super Nintendo later on.  Had great gaming moments on it.  My console gaming is thanks to Nintendo & I’m thankful for them in turning into a geek or nerd.  Now to my thoughts on NX.

The NX hasn’t been a big surprise.  Everyone knew about the NX & Nintendo acknowledge it.  Then there were the rumours that were pretty much true on what the system is.  So , the reveal wasn’t too much of a hype to me.  But I should go over what I like about the console from what I’ve seen in the video.

What I like about Switch is it’s a console that you can play on the big screen & on the go.  I also like the idea of the Joy Cons (the controllers that Nintendo calls them) being used as 1 controller or 2 controllers.  Sharing the fun with another player in local co-op.  The Switch also has ad-hoc functions to play with other Switch consoles.  From the looks of it, you can have 8 Switch consoles connected.  The appearance of the console is pretty nice as it looks more of a grown up item & not like a toy like the Wii consoles.   The games seems to run on memory card like cartridges.  Thus, fast loading times & no installations required.

Now to the bad parts.  The Joy Cons when broke apart looks small.  It doesn’t look comfortable to hold for a long period of time.  I can probably see it being held for no more than 15 minutes.  Probably less than 10 could be more real.  The battery life is unknown.  If the screen is running at HD, the battery might not last long.  Remember that the 3DS had a problem with battery life when it was released.  The joining & removing the Switch from the dock & the Joy Cons doesn’t seem solid.  It looks a bit flimsy.  Not sure if it’s the actors not knowing how to do the procedure properly.

Although my thoughts here are short, I didn’t want to go too much detail there.  Because that stuff was from the video mostly.  I will get into the major details here.  Remember, these are my thoughts & not facts.

In reality, I believe the Switch is really a portable console.  It’s not a home console.  If you remember when the Wii U was killing Nintendo financially, one of the plans that Nintendo did was combining the console hardware & portable hardware divisions together.  Thus, NX was created.  If you watch the reveal video, you will see that the Switch was shown more in its portable state than the home console state.  It’s probably 90% outside to 10% TV screen in that video.  Nintendo is probably playing it safe by making Switch more as a portable device as it is the company’s strongest area since the Game Boy.  The Switch “screen” is the console itself as the games run from there.  The known CPU is a custom Nvidia Tegra which is mainly for portable gaming devices, tablets, & cell phones.  It’s not a console CPU & not very strong if my tech knowledge is correct.

Because I see it as a portable console, I think the dock that the Switch sits in is a separate accessory you have to buy like the pro controller.  The dock will probably be sold as a bundle with the Switch as another SKU.  The other accessory that “expands” or dock the Joy Cons into 1 is probably a separate accessory as well.  I think the Switch will be sold as the screen & 2 Joy Con controllers together only.  The “TV bundle” package will include the TV docker & Joy Con docker.

The screen resolution is questionable to me.  I assume the Switch will be HD.  It’s not 4K for sure.  For sure, it should have 720P resolution.  1080P is questionable.  The Switch itself is probably 720 while docking it into the TV dock will unlock games or upscale them into 1080.

The price for the Switch hasn’t been mentioned.  I think there will be 2 packages like I said before.  The basic package & the “TV bundle” package.  Using the US dollar as the standard, I think the price will be $299 for the basic & $349 for the bundle.  For sure it will not be priced as the PS4 Pro or XBox Scorpio.  But it should be priced the same or lower than the current PS4 (PS4 slim) & XBox One S.

Overall, I’m not too excited about Switch.  The number of 3rd party companies signing up to make games for the Switch is high, but the question is if they will actually stay with Switch or not make any games at all like the Wii U situation.  I like the concept from the big screen to little screen, but it’s not a new thing.  Currently, I’m still set on getting the PS4 Pro on a later date.  So I don’t think I will have extra money sitting around to get a Switch.

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