Persona 5 Getting Catherine DLC Costumes On October 5, 2016

I know that I have been very behind in doing those Catherine differences between North America & Japan here.  Time hasn’t been very nice to me.  But I don’t want to miss this opportunity to post about this.

Persona 5 has been releasing a bunch of DLCs lately.  Most of the stuff is costume packs from past Persona games.  Atlus Japan recently announced that P5 will get a Catherine DLC costume pack.

persona-5-catherine-dlcThe Catherine DLC costume pack will be released on October 5 & will be free for the first week.  After that, it will be selling at 800 yen I believe.  Aside from the costumes, it comes with a song from the Catherine game.  The same fashion as the Persona DLC costume packs.

I think the costumes look great on the P5 cast.  I don’t think a lot of work was done on it since Catherine runs on the same engine that P5 runs (except P5 runs on a newer version).  Pretty much copy & paste on the assets with some slight adjustments here & there in terms of body proportions & faces.  Hero looks almost exactly like Vincent from that pose.  The only major work is probably Morgana’s sheep costume which looks good.

Chances of this costume pack coming here is very high.  Probably 100% guaranteed really, since Catherine came out here & all the Persona stuff released in Japan up to now has been coming here.  You can bet your sweet ass that I will be all over this; free or not.

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