It Says 4 Walls But This Juiy 21, 2016 Haul Only Covers 3! (f(x) Vol. 4 4 Walls Posters)

Seriously, shouldn’t there be 4 posters to cover 4 walls?  Like 1 poster per wall?  Jokes aside, my Yesasia order of music invasion came in.  Half an order though.

wp-1469156608629.jpgwp-1469156608632.jpgwp-1469156608631.jpgThis is what I assume the full set of posters for the K-pop group f(x) from the Vol. 4 album 4 Walls.  All the poster has that rough material like one of my LUNA Free Somebody poster.  The first 2 posters are the front CD cover image for sure.  The reason for 2 different colours is because the album came in 2 different colours.  I think they are labelled as white & orange.  The last poster was probably used a store promo poster.  Heck, I think all 3 are promo store posters.

Anyways, I think the CD for these posters will be coming in tomorrow since there were shipped at the same time.  But if that was the case, the CD should have came in today.

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