July 19, 2016’s Haul Isn’t Japanese Music Only (Leo Ieiri WE LE & LUNA Free Somebody)

So my 1st set of music packages from Yesasia came today.  So what was in it?

wp-1468950508437.jpgFirst item is Leo Ieiri WE.  The LE version of course.  To my surprise, it comes with a mini file folder.  I thought this promo thing stopped since I didn’t see it from the previous releases for awhile.

wp-1468950508444.jpgThe next item is something new for me.  A Korean CD that isn’t Clazziquai.  This is LUNA Free Somebody.  If you aren’t too familiar with K-pop, LUNA is from a group call f(x).  This is her first mini solo album as the Korean music market seems to put it.  It seems if a member of a group does a solo, they have a mini album (about 6 tracks on the disc).  But that’s based on my observation.

I ordered the package that had 2 posters which are shown below.

wp-1468982577077.jpgwp-1468950656687.jpgThe posters are different in material for some reason.  The 1st poster showing the same image as the CD cover is rough.  I think it may be a display poster.  The 2nd poster shows the back side of the CD package & has a glossy feel.  The same kind that I get from the Japanese posters like the Perfume ones.

More music packages will be coming soon this month I hope.

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