E3 2016 Day 2: My Impressions

Day 2 of E3 2016 is pretty much like past E3s: just trailers showing up that weren’t shown in press conferences.  Also new information on games that have been announced.  For me, nothing really got much of my attention.  The only thing that got me going was extended gameplay of Persona 5.

The video is cam recorded by IGN & the game is in Japanese.  So no English version was shown.  It was for E3 audience attendees.  Either way, watching this video it has some elements from Persona 1 & 2.  Aside from style from P3 & 4, it has gameplay elements from P1 & 2.  Indeed a 20th anniversary game.  I HYPED!

Another thing that got my attention was the FFXV Brotherhood anime episode 2 being released today.  I totally forgot about it.  Reason being that my hype for FFXV going down.  How so?  FFXV was originally suppose to be my reason to get a PS3.  A system seller.  After years of it coming out & being on PS4 & XBox One indeed, I slowly lost interest in it even after all those bonuses & extra stuff coming with it.

Instead, I did not preorder FFXV LE/CE.  Instead I preordered Persona 5 CE for PS4 & I don’t have a PS4 yet.  I plan to get a PS4, but I am waiting out on Neo since P5 has ways to go & Neo will probably be released by then.  P5 will be my system seller game.  There is a PS3 version, but I decided on PS4 for 1 reason.  It probably looks much better on that system.  Since it was announced to be on PS4, all the videos shown since then were probably from the PS4 build.  I had that set as my PS4 system seller since it was announced for PS4.  Also, the LE is only on PS4 here.  Not like Japan where it has LEs for both PS3 & PS4.  I’m going to preorder the OST from Japan once it becomes available.

My takeaway for today?  Persona 5!  Style, bitches!

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