PS4 Getting A Hastune Miku Project Diva X HD Mini Controller In August 2016

With the release of Hatsune Miku Project Diva X HD coming to PS4 in August in Japan & Sega giving the Japanese market a taste of Project Diva for the PS4 in the form of FUTURE TUNE recently, it only makes senses to get the full Diva experience somehow.  Don’t worry.  Hori has got you covered yet again.

ps4_projectdivax_controllerImage taken from the Sega Project Diva official site, Hori will be releasing another mini controller for Project Diva fans on the PS4.  It’s similar to the past PS3 Project Diva F 2nd mini controller, but with a Hatsune Miku image in a clean detail background & colour scheme.  Also added is a touch pad on the top middle.

The controller is set to release in Japan on August 25, 2016 which is the same day that Project Diva X HD comes out.   It is priced at 12,980 yen.  Of course, you can use this on a non-Japanese PS4 like a US one.  So you want to import this for the US release of the game (also set in August), you can preorder the controller at some of these stores that I personally recommend:

Nippon Yasan

I’m not getting any commission from these stores if you are wondering.  Is this worth the investment?  You can check out my review on an old controller here.  It may not be a mini controller, but you can get some idea.

But if you want my straight up opinion right now, I would say it isn’t worth the investment unless there are more Project Diva games or any similar rhythm games coming to the PS4 in the future.  It’s priced the same as the past controllers when they were first released, so it really comes down if you are a big Project Diva fan or not.

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