April 22, 2016 Is Where I…. WOAH! BOOBIES! (DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 Venus)

So, I had to this preordered on eBay.  But it took nearly a month for it to get here from Hong Kong via express mail.  I don’t know why it took so long.  Anyways, it’s here now.

20160422_170054.jpgIt’s Tecmo Koei’s DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 Venus for the PS Vita.  This is the LE version & the Asian version if you look at the box carefully.  The Asian version has English subtitles & I didn’t really didn’t want to go for it which I’ll explain why later.

Strangely enough, Tecmo Koei just used the same Japanese box & slap the Asian/Chinese sticker labels on it.  Saves production costs I guess.  If you are wondering, Venus version is for the PS Vita while the Fortune version is for the PS4.  Graphically, Fortune is better & has the “peek” function when the girls are changing.  But Venus has the touch function where you can actually touch the girls on the screen, which is better.  Eh? Eh?  EHHHH????

Anyways, I preordered it from one of BuyGame2 eBay’s channel.  If you remember, I wasn’t too keen on buying from them due to a past experience.  But they had the better option in terms of price & the customs part.  This is not a means of discouraging you people from not buying from them because of my past bad experience.  They are great store really.

So what does this LE that SJW didn’t want here contain?  It has an artbook, DLC code for more swimsuits, a 3D mousepad, & a set of playing cards.  The reason why I didn’t really want the Asian version is because of the DLC code.  I need to set up a Hong Kong SEN account now to get the DLC swimsuits & erase a memory card to use on a HK account due to that Vita account switching problem if it still exist.  Although Temco Koei said that there will be no DLC add-ons for the game, the special costumes here is a pain to get.

Anyways, I don’t plan to play it right away due to a large backlog.  But we all know that this game isn’t great.  Guess we can thank the SJW for sparing some of us from spending money on this game.

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