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SK-II Puts A Video About China’s Sheng Nu (Leftover Women)

It’s not part of my online dating experiment, but it has some link to dating somewhat.  That or I’m doing some cheap up-selling. Recently, Japanese beauty cosmetic company SK-II released a video about women in China.  See the video below … Continue reading

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April 22, 2016 Is Where I…. WOAH! BOOBIES! (DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 Venus)

So, I had to this preordered on eBay.  But it took nearly a month for it to get here from Hong Kong via express mail.  I don’t know why it took so long.  Anyways, it’s here now. It’s Tecmo Koei’s … Continue reading

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The Origin of The LG Jason Statham G5 Commercial Song (AKA levan polkka Hatsune Miku Cover)

Okay, I saw a lot of searches on my blog about the Jason Statham LG G5 commercial.  A lot of it were in question form like “what is that song” or song lyrics.  I wasn’t aware that Hatsune Miku isn’t … Continue reading

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April 14, 2016 Is Time To Get MANLY! (Clarisonic Alpha Fit)

As you may know, I’m in the middle of doing an experiment about online dating.  So if I do need to meet up a girl, I need to look my best.  So, I brought this on eBay. It’s the Clarisonic … Continue reading

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April 12, 2016’s Is So Cosmic! (Perfume COSMIC EXPLORER LE)

Don’t know why I keep forgetting about Perfume stuff.  So, my preorder from cdjapan came today. It’s Perfume’s new album COSMIC EXPLORER in LE form.  This is Type A which means it comes with a Blu-ray.  Type B LE is … Continue reading

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My Thoughts About Final Fantasy XV So Far

So it hasn’t been long since Square Enix “Uncovered” some news on Final Fantasy XV.  It was a huge uncovering!  More games, a movie, an anime series, & toys.  Oh, and a release date which is a worldwide date.  Although … Continue reading

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LG Uses A Hatsune Miku Song With Jason Statham For A G5 Commercial

Watching TV the other day & I find LG advertising their latest flagship phone, the G5.  It’s an interesting phone & I’m a bit iffy on it.  I heard a lot from different friends on how LG phones tend to … Continue reading

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