Project Diva X Coming To North America Fall 2016

If you been to my main site, you will recall me saying that Project Diva X will most likely come here regardless if the sales were good or not.  Apparently, it didn’t take long for Sega to announce the game coming here to North America.  Just a week after the release of the game in Japan, Sega announces it today.  It will be available on the PS4 & PS Vita sometime in Fall 2016.  It will be available in digital & physical form according to the Playstation Blog post from Sega.

Looking at the trailer, it seems that the game is pretty much done or getting to that stage.  The English translation seems to be all there.  It seems that the game did have plans to localize it here during the game’s production.  I think it is only a matter of ironing out bugs & getting the song licensing straight outside of Japan.

So Vocaloid & Project Diva fans in North America, get pumped!  Project Diva X is coming here sooner than you think!

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