Online Dating Site: What’s Going On?

So after during the first test run, I didn’t really update the progress of this experiment.  The last thing I put up on this was the JapanCupid part 3 post.  So, why am I taking so long on the second part?

In honestly, I have been slowly doing this experiment.  But there were a lot of things that were holding me back.  Personal & work side.

On the personal side, I have been trying to hook up with my old friends at the start of the new year.  I did get some, but I had difficulties with some.  Organizing groups of friends to meet up is difficult cause of schedule & time of others.

Afterwards, half my family members went to Hong Kong.  Since my mom was here & doesn’t really go out due fear of driving, I spent time with her & taking her out to places during my time off.  Don’t want her staying at home for nearly a month & not go out.  Didn’t want a woman losing her mind just from staying at home all the time from boredom.  Can’t deal looking at that everyday; especially coming home from work.

Just when my family members returning back from Hong Kong, work started to eat up my schedule due to a lack of staff.  I had to work 9 days straight because of that.  No overtime pay since the total work time in a week didn’t exceed 40 hours.  I got burned out as those days were heavy workloads.  Hated working there more & more due to my boss’s lack of managerial skills.  What’s worse was what was starting to happen.

Just before starting the 9 day work marathon, my throat started to get sore.  Drank some salty Korean soap the day before for lunch.  Because of my work tasks, I couldn’t get time to heal up my throat.  Too much talking & little rest.  That lead to nearly a cold with me having a running nose & coughing.  All during that work week.  After finally getting days off, I tried to recover as much as I can.

Although I did recover, I didn’t give my throat the proper time to heal.  Just as it was healed up, my throat is starting to show signs of soreness again.  Because of talking.  Which is what is happening right now.  Also, I had some sort acne breakout for some reason.  I am trying to resolve that problem too.

Because of these situations, I’ve held out a bit on the second test.  Right now, I’m trying to fix my appearance & get my voice to normal volume.  Don’t want some girl to see me with acne all over my face as if I was back in my teenage years.  Although people may say appearances isn’t everything, first impressions are.  Imagine you meeting me for the first time & the first thing you notice about me is a nasty case of pimples on my face.  Your first reaction would probably be stare or freak out naturally for most.  If you knew me for awhile, you probably don’t case much.  But if you didn’t, you will probably go “ew”.

Also, talking at a normal or loud volume which causes me to choke & cough will have girls avoiding my “disease” when I don’t have any really.  With short breathes & low/whisper volume will just avoid them as they try so hard to adjust their ears; especially in loud environments.

Although it seems like I am making lame excuses here, I’m not running this experiment for the sake of it.  Looking for love too, ya know?  Need to do it in a health state.  Don’t wanna scare girls in ugly state.  Also, why would I do this if I wasn’t single?  If I wasn’t single & did this, I would get a lot of trouble in all directions.  I don’t play that game.

Anyways, once I get myself back to normal, I will try to do the second test.  I have actually started the test for some time.  I’ve looked up some profiles & did see some that caught my attention.  I hope to get to it this month with nothing else coming up.

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