A Summary of 2015

Once again, WordPress has sent me a report of a brief summary of what was popular on my site for 2015.  I’m pretty sure all WordPress users get this.  Unlike previous years, I actually deleted it without looking at it first. So, this time I looked at the year stats from the stats page instead.  Not sure if it produces the same results as the one that I deleted.  Technically it should.

This year, I got very little views.  Just over 6,500 views.  Not much of a surprise to me.  Reasons are pretty simple.  My blog is very small & niche.  It’s not very popular & I’m no professional blogger.  Just a causal one.  Also, I’m pretty much all over the place.  Gaming, unboxing, thoughts, Japanese apps, hauls, etc.  Numbers are going down for me.  All washed up.

US viewers continues to dominate the viewing numbers by a huge margin.  My Canadian viewers continues to drop.  Down to 5th place now.  Second place goes to France now.

The most viewed pic is yet again this one:

catherine_katherineKatherine from the game Catherine.  I’m starting to get less surprised on this.  But I still wonder why this is the case.  The next viewed pic was this one:

A pic of this dagger key from the Uncharted 2 CE. Wonder if this CE is still worth a lot since the game is now in reprint & collection mode now.

The Dream C Club Pure Clock Amane app full review post remains the top view post.  I am very surprised on that as I didn’t think the Dream Club series was that popular.  It continues to kill the next post after it over 3 times.

App glance posts remain big in 2015.  I still need to update them as many of the apps that I posted have dead links to the App Store now since they have been removed.  I’ve got lazy in looking at them.

Anyways, I hope to continue this kind of blogging for 2016.  It may continue to be bad due to the lack of postings.  But I will continue to post random stuff here & there at times.  Here’s to 2016.

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