Online Dating Site: OkCupid Part 2

In this post, I will be talking about the first test of the experiment for OkCupid.  Here we go.

As usual, entered in the basic search requirements I want & the list shows up.  I find the search tool to be somewhat good & somewhat bad.  The good thing about it is how you can narrow things down like an advance search function.  It’s quite detailed.  Not sure how the advance search works here.

What I hate about the function is finding users in your area.  For my experience, I got a very small list of girls when I set my distance parameters from my location.  When I set it to 5km, I get a very small list.  The next level is 10km & the list expands just a little bit.  When I go the next level which is 25km, the list grows tremendously.  One thing this tells me is that OkCupid isn’t very popular in my area.  But I do find some flaws in this.

The 10km to 25km jump is too big.  They should have added something in the middle like 15km or 20km.  Funny thing is that when I viewed some users, it does show that they are in the 15km range from me.  Don’t know why OkCupid makes that big of a gap.  What’s more interesting is that when I put up the 25km range, I get users from areas that are very close to me.  They don’t show up in the 5km option which is very strange.  Not even in the 10km as well.

One thing I do like about the search is that you can “hide” users from your search.  Not your type or fit?  Hide the user, so that person won’t show up again.  It can make your list much smaller as new registered users can increase that search result list.  You can unhide the user by going into your settings.

As for the girls, I did find some that are on pof.  Some of them aren’t at pof anymore & many are using both sites at the same time.  Looking at their descriptions, they aren’t exactly the same in terms of word for word.  But the characteristics are pretty close.  You can tell that they are the same people due to the pics being using & sometimes the username.  I guess they want to improve their chances in finding a guy.  That is if they aren’t con artists.

The girls here are pretty descriptive about themselves.  Either they write a lot about themselves or nothing at all.  Most of the time, I do find detail descriptions.  I find most of the girls to be humble & warming.  There are the ones that are straight to the point about what they are looking for.  But I find more nicer people here.  They seem more welcoming.  However, I do find more users here than other dating sites where they don’t put up pictures of their face either clearly or not at all.  Personally, they shouldn’t be doing that if they don’t want to show their face.  The site doesn’t require you to put your pic.  It is suggested however & putting up a pic allows you to view more pics of other users & in larger size.

In terms of getting approached, I got a fairly good number at the start.  A small number of them was from me viewing their profiles first.  What I did find interesting is where the other few girls were coming from.  I got a couple from Washington State which is quite interesting.  I also found out that you can use OkCupid for casual sex (which isn’t my intent).  After the first few days, I stopped getting visitors.  I still see some profiles here & there which left some tracks, but got no one viewing me.  That is assuming no one is set to invisible.

So the results from the first test on OkCupid is bad.  I did users viewing me, but no one contacted me.  Some of the visitors I got were outside of my specifications as well.

Going to the second test doesn’t seem to be a big problem in comparison to the other dating sites that I’m currently testing.  A lot of the girls I’ve viewed doesn’t seem to have the requirement of the contact person to must have a picture.

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