Online Dating Site: OkCupid Part 1

Next online dating site is OkCupid.  How I came about selecting this is a faint memory now.  I think it was an ad banner that I came across from pof.  I looked at it a bit & decided to jump on it after confirming it being legit.

The site is quite detailed than it looks.  Don’t let that blue simple background fool you.  The sign up is simple, but is quite expansive.  Aside from the basic information, it gives you the option to add more information about yourself by answering some questions which affects your personality score.  This also plays some effect on your ideal match.  It will show you how much in percentage you are of a match & an enemy you are to other users.  The percentage between the 2 doesn’t up to 100% as they are 2 different things.

But that question system is doesn’t seem to work from my opinion.  It does tell you how many questions you have completed in percent, but I don’t think it’s true.  I have completed over 500 questions & I’m still stuck at 99.8% completion.  It was like that since the 400 question mark & haven’t moved since.  It’s never ending.  I will talk more about the flaw in that system in the part 2 post.

Like many other free dating sites, there is an option to upgrade what OkCupid calls A-List.  It allows you to expand your search options, see who likes you, become invisible when viewing user profiles, etc.  What I found most interesting in joining A-List is the ability to change your username anytime.  Interesting.

That’s pretty much it.  Next post (part 2) will be the first test for the experiment.

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