What’s Happening Lately?

If you have been following this blog, you may have noticed the number of posts being very little (being once every couple of weeks or more) or being all over the place (hauls, gaming news, online dating experiment, etc).  If you have been following my main site, you will understand why.

August has been a busy month for me in terms of work.  Less shift, more shifts, overtime, & high season.  Quite a burnout from it.  Then the start of the long weekend, my car gets hit & I need to get it fix.  By the way, insurance will cover it & I’m not at fault since my deductible is waived off.  It hasn’t been a great few weeks for me.  Because of all this & some other stuff in my personal life, I haven’t been doing much here.  But I should give an update on what’s to come here in the future.

Haul postings will continue as usual.  They will be done on the day I get the item(s) or a day after; depending how busy I get.  I will have at least 1 coming this month.

The online dating experiment is still going.  I haven’t end it.  It’s just that time wasn’t nice to me.

SPOILER ALERT: I’ve actually given the 1st part of the experiment more than enough time & should move on into the 2nd part of the experiment.

The reason why I haven’t said much about the experiment for a long time is me being too busy.  If a meetup did happen, my free/spare time to do it was quite minimal.  If I did meet up, I would be in poor shape as well.  Tired & messy looking with a bit of grumpiness on the side.  Wouldn’t make a great impression.  I am still working on this experiment, but at a slow rate.

Tokyo Game Show is coming this month, so I might do some news postings here if they spark my interest.  But it comes down to my personal time in writing.

That’s pretty much what I can say from the top of my mind.  So, don’t think I abandon this place cause I haven’t.

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