My Impressions of E3 2015: Day 1

Nearly forgot that this week was E3 week.  Yesterday was day 1 & it was quite a show.  Even though there were a bunch of leaks leading up to now, it was still something.

Yesterday, there were a bunch of trailers shown before the Microsoft & Sony press conferences.  There was the Nintendo World Championship making its return from 25 years of absence as well.  There were trailers to some new games like Afro Samurai 2 & South Park.  Then there were some trailers to games that were announced before like Metal Gear Solid 5 & Fallout 4.  There were a couple of publisher press conferences as well.  Bethesda was one of them & I think EA was the other.  Not too sure about the EA one.  Even if it was on, it’s mostly sports.  But most people would be going for the big 2 that day: Microsoft & Sony.

I didn’t watch much of the Microsoft press conference, but I did pick up some key points.  The big ones were the number of XBox One exclusives shown & XBox One hardware stuff.  Personally, I found the hardware side to be interesting.  The XBox One will be backwards compatible for XBox360 games.  The feature is to be available this winter if I remember correctly & it isn’t 100% with every games.  This is probably possible with an emulator since the hardware between XBox One & 360 is pretty similar in terms of being PC based.  The next piece of hardware is the Elite wireless controller for the XBox One & Windows 10.  The controller is customizable where you can swap triggers & analog nub parts for example.  Very interesting.  Dark Souls 3 trailer was shown as well which is pretty big with the souls fans.  That’s pretty much my take away with Microsoft.  Next was Sony in the evening.

I wasn’t able to catch all of Sony’s press conference due to being away for dinner & the stream failing on me at times.  But I did manage to catch the big announcements where rumours became real.  The Last Guardian makes a return with gameplay footage, a new console home, & a release year.  Final Fantasy VII Remake is happening.  Shenmue 3 kickstarter is a shocker.  These announcements made a murdering mess.  It is funny seeing a bunch of reaction videos on Youtube where people were going crazy.  I wonder how many people were sent to the emergency room due to heart attacks, sore throats, loss of voice or hearing, fainting, etc.  Also I wonder how much gizz or crap was flown around people’s rooms or houses that needed to be cleaned up.  Aside from the 3 big announcements, most of it was old stuff that was updated to be shown like No Man’s Sky.

That was pretty much day 1 of E3 2015.  Even though I didn’t have much interest in some things as I don’t have a XBox One or PS4, it was a big day with a lot of exciting announcements.

Gonna write day 2 impressions right after this.

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