Online Date Site: The Pre-Game

Before I start the experiment, we need to know what I will be doing, which dating sites I going, the tests I will be running, & what my hypothesis or predicted outcome will be.

Test subjects or sites used will be Plenty of Fish (pof), JapanCupid, J-List Friends, & OkCupid.  More may be added if I feel despite, got time, or feel like it.  But these are the main 4 for now.

Three types of test will be conducted on each site.  Depending on the outcome, all 3 tests may not be perform.  If such a case happens for whatever reasons, I will stop the experiment  The first test will be not contacting the girls.  I will see if they will be contacting me first.  No first contacting attempts from me will be made here.

The second test, if needed, is to contact the girls first.  This means that I do the first contact.  Girls contacting me first don’t count.  That is considered as the first test.  If they do contact me first during the second test after the first test is completed, I will have to categorize it part of the second test unless I find a reason not to.

The final test, again if needed, is to put pictures.  At least, a profile picture.  Additional pics are not needed if possible depending on the situation.  For example, sites require more than 1 pic or to prove that I’m not a con artist or fake user.  In order for the third test to exist, no pics (especially profile pic) will be used for the first & second test.  The only time that pics will be used during the first & second tests is when an user asks in conversation.  A pic will not be given just because she asks.  It will only be given if the situation feels comfortable.  I do have a pic ready on standby, but I don’t feel comfortable with it.  Like I said before, I don’t feel confident about my appearance.

For information, again I will be entering these info points about myself:

Age: 35 (number will change base on my birth date)
Height: 5’6″ (166- 168cm)
Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese if only available as main option or else not mentioned)
Body type: Thin
Location: The city that I am living in if available (Canada, but I won’t mention the city at this time for private reasons).
Profession: Hospitality/hotel
Never used drugs
Zodiac sign: Libra
No children or open to having children
Have pets

Not all of the information will be put in every site as it depends what info I can put in.  But this is considered the basics.  For the search criteria of my “ideal” girl, here is what some of the information will consent of:

Age: 25 – 37
Height: max is 5’5″ (163 – 165cm)
Ethnicity: Asian
Body type: Thin, athletic, & average (includes unknown/not mentioned body type)
No children or open to having children

Again, not all of the information here will be put in every site as it will be dependent on what can be put in.

What I expect from this experiment?  My theory is that online dating sites will work, but not at a very high rate.  I expect that I should get at least 1 person out of this.  I don’t expect a love relationship.  I expect the most is making a new friend.  This is from the entire experiment, not 1 per site or test.  I will say that you can still find love from dating sites, but your chances will be better by going out & meeting in person.  The old fashion way.

The first site I will experiment on is pof.  But I will explain how the first test will run first.

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