April 1 2015’s Haul Is Somewhat Of A Joke To Me (Perfume 5th Tour 2014 “Gurungurun” Blu-Ray LE)

Well, it’s April 1st & I got pranked on a bit at work.  I don’t like the idea of getting pranked on when I am already facing issues that needs some resolution to be ASAP.  Anyways, today’s haul is somewhat a joke to me too.

wpid-dsc_0060.jpgFrom Yesasia, my preorder for Perfume 5th Tour 2014 “Gurungurun” came today.  This is the Blu-Ray LE version.  Why I call this somewhat a joke is how Perfume hasn’t released a new single for a long time.  I am aware that their new single is coming out later this month, but I mean they haven’t released any new songs for nearly a year.  Usually, they would pump out a couple of singles in a year.  But their pacing has been slowed down a lot.  Mainly to promote themselves internationally since it seems that Universal Music Japan wants to push them.

Anyways, this LE version comes with stickers, a mini photobook, & a bonus DVD.

More stuff coming this month?  Maybe.  But I don’t recall anything that may be coming & that’s no joke.

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