More Thoughts On The Upcoming Apple Watch

I was going to talk about this on the day that Apple announced the details & prices for the Apple Watch, but I was too busy with other things.  But I talked about this stuff a bit in this previous post.  But since we got the “full” details on the watch now, I guess it is a good time to give more of my thoughts on it.

So Apple decided to have the Apple Watches available close to late April with the pre-orders opening up a few days before the release date.  So, the 3 models are still there with the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, & Apple Watch Edition.  The Apple Watch Sport is the cheaper one with aluminum casing starting at $449 CDN.  The next level up is the Apple Watch with stainless steel casing starting at $699 CDN.  The premium tier is Apple Watch Edition with either 18-carat rose gold or yellow gold starting at $13,000 CDN.  All the watches functions the same, so there isn’t 1 that will outperform the other.  It is only the matter of the casing & the straps.

In terms of the functions, there hasn’t been anything really new since it was first announced.  The health stuff is there, Apple Pay, 3rd party apps, special text messaging features, etc.  The only thing new to me was the passbook features & locking & unlocking your hotel room.

What do I think about the watch?  Let’s go to the good stuff first.

I still think the watch looks good for what it is.  The screen looks great & the know on the side is really what all smartwatches should have with the zooming & scrolling of the screen.  The option to change straps is great, so you can use it as either sports wear, causal use, or a special night or occasion.  Also, there seems to be a lot of apps coming for this watch & a lot of nest watch faces.

That’s pretty much what I can say about it.  Now for the bad parts.  This is going to be big.

Comparing this to other smartwatches out there, the Apple Watch doesn’t really have anything different.  You still need to connect it with your iPhone in order to get it to work its full potential.  You can still use it to store music & tell time, but you need your phone for the calls, messages, emails, internet, & GPS.  Otherwise, the Apple Watch only tells time by itself pretty much.  That is after you synch it up with your phone.

Apps aren’t much different from what I seen with other smartwatches.  The only thing I see is the possibility of the Apple Watch having more 3rd party support when comparing it to Android Wear watches.  That is if the 3rd party support will be there for the long run.

But the biggest problem I see is the price.  With a starting price of $449 CDN, I would suggest getting a better watch like a Citizen or Seiko.  To me, the best choice for an Apple Watch is the Apple Watch due to the stainless steel case.  Aluminum casing is light, but bends easily as we can see with a lot of aluminum case phones with the bendgate problem.  But the Apple Watch starts at $699 CDN.  Too pricey.  But the Apple Watch Edition is what possibly drive people away.  Starting it at $13,000 is just insane in my view.  You are better off with a Longiness watch & there is not many that go up that range.

But the worse thing about all this is that (as I said before) all 3 Apple Watches function the same.  It is the casing that really drives up the price.  But I didn’t expect the price difference between a stainless steel casing to a 18 karat gold casing to be that much.

Overall, I cannot see Apple selling a lot of the Apple Watches.  You most likely won’t see a big lineup for it from the Apple fans & resellers.  The price is simply too high & you are better off with an Android Wear watch or a cheap China brand watch.  Being a smartwatch user, I simply can’t see myself paying that much for a smartwatch.  The smartwatch is mainly a second screen & it’s pretty much going to stay that way for awhile until some company can think of something else to do with them that can replace smart phone entirely which is going to be tough.

I know some friends that are kind of big Apple fans that have iPhone, iPads, & Macbooks.  But they don’t see themselves getting the watch.  That is before the prices were announced.  Now, they will probably be staying away from them for sure.  That is if they decide to get the Apple Watch Sport if they really want the watch.

My personal opinion: don’t get the Apple Watch.  Wait for a major price drop of around $200 CDN off the Apple Watch Sport or wait for the 2nd or 3rd revision of the watch.

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