A Summary of 2014

Well, WordPress has sent me a report of a brief summary of what was popular on my site for 2014.  I didn’t like the summary too much as it doesn’t tell me much like the ones from before.  So, I went to the site stats instead.  But I would like to share some numbers with you.

So, this blog has been viewed just over 10,000 times.  I didn’t expect this number.  I was expecting it to be a much lower cause this place isn’t too popular.  But comparing it to my previous 2 years, this is worse.  Not too much of a surprise to me since I didn’t do too much this year.

Most of my viewers continue to come from the US which isn’t a big surprise.  But where my Canadian viewers at?  I had more Thailand viewers than Canadian viewers.

Anyways, for the most viewed pic, I was surprised that it is this one again:

catherine_katherineKatherine from the game Catherine.  Surprised that people are still looking at that.  Also, I better get that Catherine difference post things done as well.  Been holding out on them for too long.  The next viewed pic was this one:

IMG_20130327_191314A pic of my Project DIVA F controller.  Not a big surprise as the 2nd installment was coming here in the Fall of 2014.  I was expecting the Project Diva F controller posts to be the most viewed this year cause of the game, but it wasn’t.  It was still the Dream C Club Pure Clock Amane app.  The full review one.  I am very surprised on that as I didn’t think the Dream Club series was that popular.  It killed the other post after it nearly 3 times.  But app glance posts were big in 2014.  I need to update them as many of the apps that I posted have dead links to the App Store now since they have been removed.

Anyways, I hope to continue this kind of blogging for 2015.  It may not be much as I can see that 2014 wasn’t a good year compared to 2013.  Probably because of the lack of postings.  It will probably be the same in 2015 due to time for me.  But I will try to continue doing this.

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