October 3, 2014’s Haul Doesn’t Have That Funky Japanese Name (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax)

First haul for October, but I wished it had kept that funky Japanese name.

wpid-dsc_0027.jpgFrom my Amazon.ca pre-order, I got Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for the PS3 published by Atlus.  The Japanese name is super long & contains a bunch of wrestling moves.  The first game didn’t keep the original Japanese name, so it shouldn’t have be a surprise here.

This is the first run version which contains part 1 of 2 of the tarot card set & a Teddue bop bag.  The 2nd half of the tarot card set is from 3DS Persona Q LE which I’m still on the fence on getting.  I barely play my 3DS & I had the game isn’t too great.

Interesting fact that I heard about this game is that it isn’t region locked like the first game.  But unlike the first game, it doesn’t have Japanese voices for the story dialogue (except the gameplay parts).  Don’t know why Atlus did that.  It is probably to prevent outside North America sales again.

The original purpose of the region lock for the first game was to prevent people in Japan not buying the Japanese version as the North American version is cheaper in price & I think the release date window between the 2 versions wasn’t too big.  The region lock upsetted people.

The removal of the Japanese voices (if I heard is true) is probably the same idea of the region lock idea.  It’s probably to prevent people from Japan in buying it from North America.  But the thing is I don’t know if the Japanese don’t mind the English voices or care much for the story since I assume most people will buy it for the fighting.

Anyways, I have more hauls coming for this month.  But it’s not too much.

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