July 21 2014 Is A Cling Cling Haul, Not Bling Bling! (Perfume Cling Cling LE)

Well, I didn’t expect to run into troubles in getting this.  Thought it should be very easy, but it wasn’t really the case.

wpid-dsc_0022.jpgIn the mail today came Perfume’s Cling Cling single in LE form.  Now, this isn’t just a LE.  It’s another version of LE.  This LE version comes in a box packaging that opens like a shoebox.  Also, it comes with a 3D holographic cover.  The other LE version doesn’t have that.

I thought this single would be easy to get without preordering.  I wait to the point where it was sold out from Yesasia.  CDJapan was sold out as well.  Later on, the 2 companies would open preorders again.  Probably due to a second round being available.  I went with CDJapan as they were the first ones to have it available again.  Also, it was a bit cheaper than Yesasia this time.

As a bonus, it comes with a poster.  It comes wrapped in green like that.  I think this is the original packaging for the poster as it has some information on the label sticker.  I am going to keep it like that since I don’t hang posters really.  The other Perfume posters I got came opened which is why I got pics of them on this blog.  If you really want to know what the image is, it is the same as this LE’s cover with the typical release & company information as other Perfume posters.

That should be it for hauls for this month.  I know, it’s small.  I’m not a craze spender, mind you.  But I will have something next month for sure.

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