Project DIVA F 2nd Will Have English Subtitles For The North American & European Versions

As some of you will know, Sega will release Project DIVA F 2nd outside of Asia.  The game will come out this Fall for the PS3 & PSV in both digital & physical forms.

Although there isn’t much new information, this info that was recently announced is quite interesting to me.  The game will have English subtitles for the song lyrics.  I find this quite interesting as the first F game didn’t have it when it was released here.  The lengthy release time frame may be due to the translation.  Interesting to see Sega actually put some work into providing official lyric translation.

Check out this trailer entitled “Her Voice Reaches You” for the announcement of the English subs:

So, will you play it with the English subtitles on or you will just won’t bother with it since you will be focusing on the button cues on the screen?

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